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"Please Don't Cry for Me" - a Poem of Comfort

Posted: January 18, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

On January 9 2012, Margaret MacArthur Odams passed away - mother of Rev. John Odams, Pilgrim Church, Dorchester. 

She owned many bibles and used them to safely store little snippets of this or that "for eternity."  One of the bibles was

"Presented to Margaret MacArthur by Waltham Immanuel Methodist Church School, 1937." 

In it the family found a newspaper clipping  of the poem "Please Don't Cry for Me."  The source and author are unknown.  However, the most recent source is the "Celebration of Life" bulletin from Margaret Odams' funeral service.

This poem may give comfort to those still living who carry the mourning of loved ones always in their hearts: 

"Please try to accept that it was just my time to go." 

Please Don't Cry

Please don't cry for me, for I am at peace  I now rest.
Please don't be sad.  Think of memories at their best.

Please don't be bitter.  Days are too short and few.
Please don't be lonely, for I'll always be with you.

Please try to accept that it was just my time to go.
Please always remember how I loved you so.

Please be stong.  Don't be in any pain.
Please wipe those tear for we will meet again.

Please show a smile when you think of me.
For in God's hands is where I now will be.
Please don't cry

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