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Pleasant Street - Low Numbers (5,7,9,10) - Celebrating for Halloween - Big Time

Mike Beshara, # 5 Pleasant Street, was out raking leaves on this crisp autumn afternoon (Halloween day).  Upham's Corner News was out spying on Halloween houses - the ones paying homage to the  Halloween spirits.

"May we take some pictures?"  Mr. Beshara said "yes"  then surprised us with his story.  He has been participating  in a ten year long Halloween tradition, a mini-gala neighborhood event where Pleasant Street meets East Cottage Street. The low number houses -  5, 7, 9 and 10 - each bring out their Halloween best to create a festive night.

Their goal is to cater to the spookier needs of the kids, provide a good time and have fun doing so.  Hundreds of people show up to experience the scary music, the eerie lights, the heavy plumes of fog spilling out of the boiling cauldron - out from nowhere into the deepest dark.  

The kids who show up represent the wonderfully eclectic ethnicity of Dorchester - asian, Cape Verdean, Afro-American, Dominicans, white, hispanic and lots more.   As Mike described it, "The kids have a blast - young and old alike."  "On top of all that," he added, "there hasn't been one incident in ten years."
 it Out
Couldn't resist - We came back after dark.  

Mike was right.  There were kids everywhere and the Halloween decorations that had earlier looked so benign were now eerie glowing embers of "witchdom" while sounds of scary music filled the air.

Oh, oh!  Thick gray fog, moving with twisting life spilling slowly from one of the porches.  Take your eyes away or you'll get swept off to the haunted moors of Scotland or the darkest secrets of Transylvania.  

Ahhh!  What was that?  A "Ghastly Ghoul"  just jumped up at us from behind the hedges.  Did you see those huge paws and his long sharp claws?  He's gone now but we can't take any chances.  Run for your life!

Fun for everyone.  Watching the costumes walk by was a treat in itself.  Trick or treat?? I'll take that chocolate bar and "Thanks.!"
Pleasant St #5 - Preparing for Halloween Pleasant St #5 - Preparing for Halloween
Pleasant St #5 - Preparing for Halloween Pleasant St #5 - Preparing for Halloween
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