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Planning the Fairmount Corridor at Upham's Corner - the Train Station

Posted: June 7, 2012     Nancy J Conrad Click here to Add Comment
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Upham's Corner Train StationThe Fairmount Transportation Initiative is what the Mayor and the BRA gave to Upham's Corner instead of a real planning initiative, so this better do well by our fair city.

Hanging our hats on a train station to make a difference to Upham's Corner is like asking visitors to the Strand Theatre to walk to the back of CVS to park.  T'ain't gonna happen.  As if people would go to South Station to come to Upham's Corner to shop!

Naysayers (sounds like us, doesn't it?) are quick to say:  Can't be done. 

PPS says:  There are no obstacles.  But right now, our station is not as friendly, inviting and safe as it could be.  What can we do quickly, easily and cheaply to make a difference? 

Features of the commuter rail station in Upham's Corner

A highly stylized image of the Upham's Corner Fairmount Indigo train station, it nonetheless captures many of the essential features associated with the station.
  1. Leon Building rising high in the background
  2. Dudley Street inclining down as we pass under the tracks
  3. Colorful mural on the sides of the platform structures
  4. Bright orange/brown trestle supporting the tracks over Dudley
  5. A sidewalk that curves to the left leading somewhere
  6. The train just coming into the station
Issues raised on one of the walks included signage, overall condition and safety.

The overall condition of the train station is an issue.  The mural facing the Kroc Center on Clifton Street is beginning to fade and chip.  On the Dudley side of the structure, the mural is in tough shape and above it is graffiti with no fence, allowing kids to access the area easily. (Safety issues?) 

On a tour conducted in June 2011 by Rep Henriquez with MBTA General Manager Richard Davey, residents raised issues of safety and nothing has yet been done.

On the inbound side, the pathway is long and narrow, requiring a wheelchair, for example, to travel the full length back to get to the platform above. This could be a significant safety issue.

Not that this is a problem, but the entryway looks like it belongs at the Franklin Park Zoo, good for mountain lions and mountain goats.

Project for Public Spaces - Upham's Corner Train Station
The condition of the outbound section is aesthetically poor.
Project for Public Spaces - Upham's Corner Train Station
Entry to the inbound platform.  It reminds some people of a
mountain lion's den at the Franklin Park Zoo.

Project for Public Spaces - Upham's Corner Train Station
Really wonderful mural that needs to be
kept in good condition.
Project for Public Spaces - Upham's Corner Train Station
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Project for Public Spaces - Upham's Corner Train Station
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Enjoy your stay.

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