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Pilgrim Church Welcomes Soloist Jordan Lloyd

Posted: July 22, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Welcome to Jordan Lloyd, Soloist

Jordan LloydThe congregation of the Pilgrim Church welcomed Ms. Jordan Lloyd as soloist at its 11am service on Sunday July 22, 2012.  Ms. Lloyd has studied voice since her early teens, attended Boston Arts Academy and has regularly participated in community singing events.  She is also active with the Boston Juneteenth Committee.

Rev. John Odams had asked for music befitting a beautiful summer day.  Opening the favorite "Select Your Own Song" section of the service, she helped lead the congregation singing "Wonderful Words of Life."  Hardly anyone sang because they were so enthralled with the angelic like tones of her voice.

As a segway into Rev. John's sermon entitled "Holy Ground," Ms Lloyd sang the Geron Davis version of the hymn of the same name and brought several parishioners to tears.

Closing with a Medley of Songs

Three more songs were included in the medley section, the first being "I Believe," written by a team of writers preparing a television show in response to a letter from a serviceman, then in Korea.  Hit Parade analysts named "I Believe" the most successful song of 1953.

The Pilgrim Congregation likes to sing the Malotte Lord's Prayer, which they did earlier, but as a contrast, Jordan presented a rocking Trinidadian version written by Fr. Garfield Rochard, Catholic priest in Trinidad for the last 40 years.  Her medley finished with Climb Every Mountain including a new second verse written by accompanist, Nancy Conrad, one befitting a group of worshippers.

Climb Every Mountain (new verse 2)

May God be with you, guiding the way
Hand in hadn the journey, strengthening your day.
Love one another, serve from the heart
Shine your light on others, brethren from the start.

A dream that will grow from the love that you give
Peace and blessings are yours for as long as you live
Climb every mountain, ford every stream
Follow every rainbow, till you find your dream.

For more information, contact
Pilgrim Church:  617-825-0456 or
Rev John Odams at  revjohno@msn.com

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