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Pilgrim Church Celebrates 150 Years Unbroken Service to the Community

Pilgrim Church - Banquet Celebration Nov 24

Pilgrim Church formally opens their year-long 150 anniversary celebration on Nov 24, 2012 with a banquet at Florian Hall in Dorchester.  A time to honor the past, it is also a chance to look forward to another 150 years of service. 

Pilgrim Church 150 Celebration The banquet marks the kickoff of a building repair fund raising campaign.  Pilgrim Church is a proud member of the Uphams Corner community and seeks to wear its heritage well.

Now moving past the half-way mark of its second century, a small congregation, not yet wearing the "Pilgrim" hat, declared its intentions to serve as a church on Nov 2, 1862.  This year's anniversary of its founding is much more than the celebration of a church and its spiritual message.

Track Record:  150 Years Unbroken Service

As a ever-present community entity, Pilgrim Church has established a track record of 150 years continuous service.  Their history represents the community's history and the heritage and longevity of the Uphams Corner community itself.

The church body quietly serves as a refuge for those seeking guidance, food and shelter. The church’s building, the great big “red brick” building on Columbia Road, serves as a well-known landmark and defining image for Uphams Corner.

The church’s 150 Committee opened their celebration activities earlier this year in June by participating in the Dorchester Day Parade.  Enjoying the ride in the comfort of a trolley, parishioners and friends were clearly excited about their spiritual community and the upcoming events.

Donning an impressive 12 foot sign declaring their 150 years longevity, the trolley provided a memorable one day ride while the 150 sign lives on.

How Can I Join the Celebration?

How can I help sustain this historic building?  How can I join in on the celebration?  How can I promote the great work of this church?  

Rev John Odams recommends:
  • Attend the banquet on Nov 24 - good food, good company and a chance to imagine yourself living here in Uphams Corner in 1862 during the Civil War.
  • Purchase an angel ticket - a gift for those wanting to attend
  • Donate to the church's building restoration fund
  • Purchase ad space in the 150 Program
  • Join in the church's service to the community

Click here to open the Banquet Invitation to purchase tickets and advertising.

Pilgrim Church 150 Celebration
Pilgrim Church after construction early 1900's
Pilgrim Church 150 Celebration
Pilgrim Church  Sep 2010

Posted: November 5, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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