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Pilgrim Church 150th Anniversary - Letter of Invitation from Rev. John Odams


1862 - Celebrating 150 Years - 2012


OUCC Emblemn the evening of November 2, 1862, during the troubled days of the Civil War, sixteen persons gathered and formed Pilgrim Church, "Church of our Lord Jesus Christ."  For one-hundred and fifty years, Pilgrim Church has continued to be a source of help, hope, and home to not just the Uphams Corner neighborhood but to the world around.

Our Urban Ministry consists of:
  • Providing Emergency shelter to 120 homeless men every night since 1990:  supplying food, clothing, showers, and rest.
  • Distributing soup, pasta, sandwiches, beverages and clothing to over a hundred needy individuals on Boston Common every Saturday morning.
  • Serving a nutritious, free lunch to over a hundred people from our community every Saturday.
  • Providing for our neighbors as well as supporting our urban ministries. Through our weekly Church flea market.
  • Serving over sixty families every month at our Emergency Food Pantry,
  • Distributing free bread three mornings every week.
  • Operating Browse Thrift Shop, maintained by Pilgrim Christian Endeavor Society.
  • Sponsoring the Dorchester Deaf Club.
  • Hosting the Dorchester Young Adult Narcotics Anonymous Group.
  • Giving opportunities for service and understanding to volunteers of many ages and backgrounds

Building Repairs are Needed

To continue our urban ministry, we must address the most urgently and desperately needed repairs to our building.And so we are now asking for your financial support. Please review the enclosed form and make the most generous financial donation possible.

Pilgrim Church is a tax-exempt organization and all gifts beyond the price of the banquet will be considered as a tax-deductible donation.

150TH Anniversary Dinner
Saturday, November 24, 2012
Six o'clock in the evening

Florian Hall
55 Hallet Street
Dorchester, Massachusetts

Click here:  PILGRIM CHURCH 150th Anniversary Banquet and Reservation Form

Thank-you in advance for your much-needed assistance!

Rev. John R. Odams, Pastor
540 Columbia Road
Uphams Corner, Dorchester, Massachusetts 02125



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Posted: November 5, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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