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Pigeon Droppings at Madrag's - Update:  They're Gone

Posted: May 25, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Pedestrians on Dudley Street in Upham's Corner are not generally "out for a stroll," but rather are walking with hurried gait to the bus stop or  the car.  Our lives don't give us pause to discover the hidden anomalies - like the pigeons who have taken residence at the clothing store, Madrag, in Upham's Corner (772 Dudley Street).

Click photo to enlargeMadrag and Pigeon

Walking quickly and looking straight ahead, you won't see the thick accumulation of pigeon droppings on the sidewalk in front of the building nor will you see the pigeons living in the rotted, hollow metal ductwork across the front of the building - not unless you happen to look up and see a bird tail hanging down from the hole in the metal above your head.

So what's the problem?  Every large city including Boston is full of pigeons.  What's a few more pigeons in Upham's Corner?
  • First and foremost is the disgraceful condition of the building - the rotting metal work that so easily serves as habitation for pigeons.    
  • Second, wherever pigeons roost, they leave behind pigeon droppings.  The accumulation on the sidewalk is worse than unsightly because pigeon droppings are associated with disease in humans. 
The two diseases most commonly associated with pigeon droppings are
  • histoplasmosis and
  • cryptococcosis. 
While these are "rare" diseases they are especially dangerous for people with compromised immune systems.

Read more of original article about Madrag and the health hazard

Madrag Pigeon Droppings
Front of Madrag - Pigeon visible to the left
Madrag Pigeon Droppings
Pigeon on top of the nesting area
Madrag Pigeon Droppings Madrag Pigeon Droppings
Madrag Pigeon Droppings Madrag Pigeon Droppings
We don't know how it happened, but one day walking by Madrag, we noticed that the pigeon guano had "disappeared" from the sidewalk.  "Nice!  The rain, Public Works?"

Next day from the other side of the street, we noticed that the rotted metal duct that had been housing Pigeon City was gone.  Left behind is a gray shadow but nothing more. 

No pigeons.  No guano.  No bad smell.

Thank you, Madrag.

Now  . . . if you could just wash the outside ??

Madrag - Pigeon's Gone Madrag - Pigeon's Gone
A line of "dirt" where the metal conduit used to be - the building is in pretty rough shape. (see below)
Madrag - Pigeon's Gone Madrag - Pigeon's Gone
Madrag - Pigeon's Gone Madrag - Pigeon's Gone
The sidewalk close to the building is now pretty clean compared to the inch of guano one month ago.

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