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PACE Elder Art - Woodworking Program

Posted: February 16, 2011    
Article by Paulette Sewell-Reid
Photos by Nancy J Conrad

Throughout the ages men have a primal need to fix things. The satisfaction of using mastery and skill to physically make something out of nothing is quite fulfilling.

At ESP our men approach woodworking with the same vigor. One of the unique attributes of doing woodwork is that no two pieces are the same. They can take almost any old piece of junk and create a sculpture worthy as any of Michelangelo masterpieces.

Art Reception - Photos
The Artists - Photos
-- Watercolors I
-- Watercolors II
Sewing - Photos
Woodworking - Photos
Art Therapy

The therapeutic effect of working with wood can be described as almost euphoric. Our men benefit from a sense of well-being, the knowledge that they still retain the creativity and skill to master their craft. The obvious skill, steady hands and focus that they bring to creating wood projects would make any NASA Astronaut proud.

Woodworking is relaxing; it can be enjoyed by both men and women. It provides a sense of purpose, it evokes conversation; relieves stress while keeping the mind focused and the body active. It takes dexterity, an eye for detail and a sense of fun and frivolity to conjure up the designs that our participants produce. All sculptures are the original designs of our participants.

Pace Elder Art - Woodworking
Pace Elder Art - WoodworkingPace Elder Art - Woodworking

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