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PACE Elder Art - Art Therapy

Posted: February 16, 2011    
Story by Paulette Sewell-Reid
Photos by Nancy J Conrad

The art therapy group at Upham's Elder Service Plan (UESP) is more than just paint, brushes,  paper and crayons. It provides a therapeutic environment where participants can express their unique creativity and artistic abilities using an integrated approach that strategically combines music and art.

Participants' abilities are enhanced through visualization, replication and discourse to express feelings and emotions through their art. Art therapy helps treat isolation and encourages positive interaction generating conversation and enriching the life of our participants.

Art Reception - Photos
The Artists - Photos
-- Watercolors I
-- Watercolors II
Sewing - Photos
Woodworking - Photos
Art Therapy

The UESP art therapy group includes, but it is not limited to, participants who are diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease and other dementia related conditions. Under the leadership of Activities Assistant Maria Rodrigues this group was made possible. Art therapy draws on the individual's life experiences by tapping into their imagination. It creates a sense of belonging and enhances the mental and emotional well-being of our participants.

By offering freedom of expression art therapy promotes individuality, builds self esteem and self awareness. It is certainly a mood booster as can be seen in the easy camaraderie among our members. The recreation program at Upham's ESP offers participants therapeutic activities that are familiar, meaningful and dignified. Activities are individualized and tailored to promote creative expression in a stimulating environment.

UESP is a Program of All-Inclusive Care (PACE) for individuals 55 years of age or older, featuring comprehensive health and social services. The mission of UESP is to provide services that will support the independence and nurture the spirit of frail, older individuals. Upham's Elder Service Plan has been serving the greater Boston Area since 1996.

Our two PACE centers are located in Dorchester Savin Hill Area and Roxbury Dudley Square Area. To learn more about the Upham's Elder Service Plan please contact Maria Barbosa at: 617-288-0970 extension 16.

PACE Art Therapy Storyboard

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