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PACE Elder Art Reception - Upham's Corner Library 2/16/11

Posted: February 16, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Members of the Upham's Elder Service Plan have been expressing their creativity for  years and the results are on display at an art show that features their work exclusively, called "Elders Creating Art at their own PACE."

It came to fruition on February 16, 2011 10:30am in the Round Room of the Upham's Corner Library. 
See photos below

On that day, the Upham's Corner community was privileged to meet the artists, the art and PACE,  the Program for All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly that makes it all happen.
Art Reception - Photos
The Artists - Photos
-- Watercolors I
-- Watercolors II
Sewing - Photos
Woodworking - Photos
Art Therapy

The reception room was adorned with the elder artwork, arranged by artist on the tables and walls - watercolors, collages, three-dimensional art, embroidery, quilting and wall fabric.  A large table served up a feast of healthy food fit for a member of royalty - fruits, fresh veggies, crackers and cheese, blue cheese dressing and, oh yes, a gazillion scrumptious cupcakes. 

When the reception started, the artists and the guests, who came to admire the art, fully occupied all seats.  The artists were from many other states and countries - Virginia, New York, Marland and South Carolina, Cuba, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Rome, Italy, Portugal, Haiti, Cuba and Cape Verde.  Guests were from the Cape Verdean Adult Daycare Center, the Disabilities Commission, the Upham's Corner Health Center and the general public.
Paulette Sewell-Reid, Activities Manager, opened the reception by describing how the art show had evolved over the last couple years out of the Art Therapy program.  Sue Cavanaugh, Clinical Director, explained how the art activities fit into the overall program of elder care. 

Ed Grimes, President of the Upham's Corner Health Center provided insight into his organization's commitment to elder services.  "Supporting the elderly in creative endeavors," he said, "takes a whole team of support staff."  

The reception followed immedaitely after the short speeches and turned into a warm and caring opportunity to meet the artists and the support staff and to offer both food and praise to the celebrity attendees.  

"Can I get you some food?  How about a delicious cupcake?  Some fruit?  The cheese and crackers look very good.  Something to drink?"  It was very clear:  These elderly are well taken care of.

The Elder Art Show continues at the Upham's Corner Library through March 16, 2011.  It is well worth seeing.
Janice Andrews, Daisy Baptiste, Lilly Mae Clark,  Mae Ford, Johnnie Mae Freeman , Kathleen Hanbury, Louise Love, Charles McLean,  Johnny Mills, Bessie Overby, Hubert Raymond , Bettie Roundtree and Alexander H Warren, Jr.
Elda Colafrancesco, Irene Izquierdo, Mary Lewis, Barbara Lewis, Persia Morales, Bessie Overby and Lunie Pierre

The Upham's Elder Service Plan  (UESP) / PACE  is a Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly under the auspices of the Upham's Corner Health Center. 

It provides older individuals and their caregivers an innovative choice in health care.  It is an important alternative to nursing homes as it allows an elder to remain independent at home and in the community, and provides individualized quality care and services.

Upham's Elder Service Plan (UESP) / PACE
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PACE Art Reception 2/16/11 PACE Art Reception 2/16/11 PACE Art Reception 2/16/11
PACE Art Reception 2/16/11 PACE Art Reception 2/16/11
PACE Art Reception 2/16/11 PACE Art Reception 2/16/11

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