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The New Uphams Corner Improvement Association

UCIA Recommends:  Dancing around the WorldGreater Boston House Concerts
October 1, 2011

The Upham's Corner Improvement Association is co-sponsoring the next Greater Boston House Concert scheduled for October 1, 2011 and entitled "Dancing around the World."  Annegret Klaua on violin and Yukiko Shimazaki on piano. 

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UCIA sponsoring Business District Cleanup
September 24, 2011 10am

The Upham's Corner Improvement Association is sponsoring a clean up of the Upham's Corner business district.  And what are we doing?  Pulling weeds, identifying issues to turn into Public Works or BTD - just the usual "house cleaning" that says: 

"We are good citizens of Upham's Corner and we want to see it shine." 

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St. Kevin's Development Community Meeting
September 12, 2011

Based on a growing concern that residents in Upham's Corner were not having a voice in the St. Kevin's redevelopment process, UCIA organized a community meeting to look at the project and give residents an opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns.

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Affirmations to Start a New Year
August 31, 2011

Think of affirmations as resolutions with a goal of changing how we think.  How we think determines how we behave and sets our self-images.  Creating our own set of affirmations and visiting them often is a wonderful way to change our lives.  Affirmations are always stated in the "positive" form.  They are visionary.  We look ahead to our vibrant selves and state HOW WE ARE, not how we are not.

Here are two sets of affirmations:  One for you (me) and one for Upham's Corner (as sponsored by UCIA). 

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I Love Upham's Corner
August 10, 2011
I Love Upham's Corner
Imagine having dinner with an Upham's Corner resident who can't praise our community enough.  "I love Upham's Corner!" Talk about energizing. . .

I love Upham's Corner!  I really do.  Why do I love Upham's Corner?  It's really strange.  When I moved here, I wanted to have a home.  I didn't want to just buy a house.  I really wanted to have a home.  I met someone on my street when I was looking at the house for the first time.  I just got this feeling that this was going to be a home for me.

It absolutely is my home.  I walk up and down the street and I feel safe here.  I feel comfortable here.  Upham's corner is not without flaws.  But this really is my home.

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Upham's Corner Improvement Association Restarted
Summer 2011

It's true! An organization formed almost 100 years ago is about to come back to life to focus on Upham's Corner - all of Upham's Corner.  Yes, we have our neighborhood associations, Main Street, non-profits and religious centers (churches).  We have schools and scouts and arts groups.  We have city workers and city budgets that drop in periodically. Every one of these organizations does a fantastic job on their little piece of the pie.

What about the bigger picture?

It's the bigger picture, the bird's eye view of life here in Upham's Corner that's out of focus.  Where is the one organization that promotes action, communication, collaboration and cooperation, the ONE organization that looks out over the whole of Upham's Corner and asks:  How can we improve our beautiful city?

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The Original UCIAUCIA - original
June 6, 1914

The Official Program of the Dorchester Day Parade from June 6, 1914 has a half-page dedicated to the newly formed Upham's Corner Improvement Association. 

"The Upham's Corner Improvement Association, a much needed and long felt want, was organized in January, 1914, largely to the earnest and untiring efforts of David L.White, a man fully familiar with and active in organization work, he having been actively engaged in local improvement work for the past 33 years in another section of the city where he formerly resided in where he has during that time seeing great things accomplished through organization. "

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