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Murders in Upham's Corner since 2011

Posted: January 18, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

The first murder of 2012 in Upham's Corner has already taken place and it is only the middle of January. 

Worse still, it was across the street from where Edmund Andrade, the second of six victims in 2011, was murdered on April 20, 2011.

In the seven months spanning March, 2011 through October of 2011, six murders took place in Upham's Corner. 

Word of such tragedies came from local area news sources who, in turn, got their information from Boston Police Department news bulletins, such as www.bpdnews.com. 

Generally the victim's name is not included in the initial news bulletin pending notification of next of kin.  Later the BPD may release an "update"  with the victim's name and other relevant information. Sometimes victim names are never made public through BPD bulletins but have to be researched from other sources. 

Thus far, only the name of the sixth murder victim of 2011, which took place at the Victory Program on Virginia Street, remains unidentified.

While each victim has their own distinctly unique and tragic story, there are some patterns. 

What they have in common:
  • All of the victims were male. 
  • All of the victims, save one, were in their teens or 20's **
What they don't have in common:
  • Murder charge arraignments have been made for two of the six crimes
  • Memorial funds have been set up in honor of two of the six victims (that we know of)
** Murdering the Youth of Upham's Corner.
Murders in Upham's Corner 2011 +Click image to enlarge

The summary table below provides data about each murder victim and a link to an article with as much information as UC News was able to find about him.  We honor the lives of these people, many of them so young. 


Luis Jorge Tavares
19 Groom Street
Luis Jorge Tavares, 18 years old, had come from Cape Verde a year prior and only the week before had lost a brother (back home) to a traffic accident.  He was out on the front porch on Groom Street in Upham's Corner where he lived with his family when he was shot several times.
  • Two Cape Verdean websites with additional details / photos of Jorge
  • DotNews article - neighbor, Isaura Mendes, who has lost two sons to violence, comments.
  • BPD Press release
3/14/2011 18
Edmund Andrade, Jr
22 Trull Street
Edmund Andrade was 23 years old when he was fatally shot several times in the street near the intersection of Trull and Ware Streets in Upham's Corner.
  • BPD Press release
  • Boston Herald obituary
4/20/2011 23
Terrance Johnson, Humphreys Street & Humphreys Place
Terrance Johnson lived on the street and, at the age of 28, died there as well.
  • Several reflections on his life
  • Memorial fund set up
  • BPD press release
2011-3 5/31/2011 28
Aaron Wornum
Sumner & East Cottage
At 8:30 am on July 14, 2011 Aaron Wornum and Anthony Robertson were talking to each other on their cell phones close to Sumner and E Cottage Streets when Robertson opened fire and shot Wornum several times.
  • BPD press release
  • Reflections on Aaron's life
6/26/2011 25
Francis Kargbo
92 Sumner Street
Francis Kargbo and his friend Lester James became involved in a verbal argument. It escalated to a physical confrontation in which Kargbo suffered a stab wound to the left side of his chest. Kargbo ran down the stairs and into the street where he collapsed. 
  • BPD Press release
  • District Attorney's press release
  • Memorial fund setup
8/23/2011 23
3 Virginia Street
A man in his 50's who was a resident at the Victory Transitional Home for single men with HIV/AIDS and drug abuse related problems was stabbed several times in the home and died there.
  • BPD Press release
10/11/2011 50's
Christopher Pichardo
23 Trull Street
A young man in his 20's was found shot inside 23 Trull Street and later was pronounced.
  • BPD Press release
  • Excerpts from MetroDesk article

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