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Mondays with the Mayor - Gesture of Transparency from Mayor Walsh

As a continuation of the "Mondays with Marty" that helped charcterize his mayoral campaigning, Mayor Walsh is upholding his promise to maintain transparency.  One of the approaches is  ‘Mondays with the Mayor' where constituents throughout the city can meet with Mayor Walsh and selected staff members to answer questions.

Mayor Marty WalshMondays with the Mayor

Mayor Walsh has committed to host bi-monthly "Mondays with the Mayor" town hall meetings as a continuation of the successful "Mondays with Marty" series leading up to his inauguration. The "Mondays with the Mayor" series is an opportunity for constituents to speak to Mayor Walsh, and share their questions and concerns about issues facing Boston. During these meetings, Mayor Walsh answers constituent questions. Constituents are also welcome to submit written testimony to the Walsh Administration.

Focus on Community

On Monday, 4/24/15, Mayor Martin J. Walsh hosted “Mondays with the Mayor,” the first of a series of community town hall meetings to engage with constituents and to maintain a transparent administration. More than 250 people attended the meeting.

“As mayor of the City of Boston, I have to do my best to ensure that all Bostonians are heard,” said Mayor Walsh. “During my campaign, these kinds of meetings allowed our communities to approach issues and create solutions as a team.”

This town hall meeting allowed residents to share their questions and concerns with Mayor Walsh and his administration. Mayor Walsh responded to a variety of questions including park maintenance, affordable housing, and the quality of public education in Boston.

Other Cabinet Members Present

Mayor Walsh was joined by members of his cabinet and department heads, who helped field inquiries from residents needing specific, departmental expertise. Questions were also addressed by:
  • William Evans, Boston Police Commissioner;
  • Sheila Dillon, Chief of the Department of Neighborhood Development;
  • Brian Swett, Chief of the Department of Energy,
  • Environment & Open Space; Brian Golden,
  • Director of the Boston Redevelopment Authority

The next meetings will be held on:

             May 19, in Roxbury
             July 14, in Charlestown
             September 15, location TBA
             November 17, location TBA

Posted: March 26, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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