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Memorial Service for Elaine Vieira, 3/22/14

A memorial service will be held for Elaine Vieira on Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 11am at the Gilman Chapel, Cedar Grove Cemetery with reception following.

An InvitationElaine Vieira

Please come Celebrate My Mom's Life with Us by attending Elaine's Memorial Service & Cremains Burial this coming Weekend.

Services will be held on Saturday March 22nd @ 11AM at the Gilman Chapel at Cedar Grove Cemetery, 940 Adams St. Dorchester.

After Service Gathering will be at the Dorchester Yacht Club 100 Playstead St. Dorchester at 1pm. We Hope to See You There!

 - Gloria-Ann Vieira

Reflection:  Elaine Vieira - Friday, March 14, 2014

On Friday night, March 14, 2014, people coming from many directions down Dorchester Ave, turned as they approached Murphy's Funeral Home.  Their faces, their eyes, seemed to be focused elsewhere as if they were watching a long chain of memories that drew them into a space of recollection, rapport, reconciliation and peace. 

Upstairs the ambiance was soothing.  A hum of voices connected the spaces of that gracious room in which Elaine, now in repose, waited one last time for her friends, family and others to say farewell.  The two enormous picture boards brought her life into focus and perspective with photos across the breadth and length of her joyful life.  Flower sprays painted the room with colors of the rainbow and blended into the kneeling bench.

Gloria-Ann was at the head of the line, greeting everyone by name, expressing her thanks, especially for the prayers and words of encouragement she had received during the journey that began on February 10.  John, their father, spoke to us from his comfortable chair, his hands, warm and strong.  He conveyed a deep spiritual calm as if he were sending blessings, stretching out to envelop everyone in the room. 

- Nancy Conrad

Posted: March 18, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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