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MBTA and Fairmount Improvements Program - Ten Years and Counting

Overview of the MBTA and the Fairmount Line

The MBTA has been involved in Fairmount Improvement efforts for a full decade as of this writing (2012). Starting out with a feasibility study in 2002, the MBTA and study groups identified essential infrastructure issues that needed addressing as well as ridership expansion opportunities that led to building four new stations (still underway).

Map Fairmount Corridor LineWith the existence of the primarily HUD funded Fairmount Transportation Initiative under the BRA, the MBTA's involvement has taken on new shape because, as the MBTA representative noted, the opportunity to bring transportation and master planning together on one table rarely happens.

With the South Station expansion program underway, the full extent of the Fairmount project now runs another decade into the future.

Corridor Wide Advisory Group (CAG) Meeting 9/12/12

As noted by the CAG (Fairmount Corridor Wide Advisory Group) Co-Chair, Jeremy Rosenberger, attendance at the Sep 12, 2012 meeting was considered excellent as 18 of the 25 CAG members were present.

Glenn Knowles, CAG member, cited additional reasons why the September CAG meeting represented positive steps forward. In particular, Mr. Knowles lauded the MBTA (Joe Cosgrove, MBTA Director of Development) for attending the meeting, providing a status report and answering questions from CAG members.

Mr. Cosgrove was given two opportunities to address the CAG group and identified four MBTA projects that are part of what he calls the “Fairmount Corridor Improvements Program.”

His comments provided helpful insight to the group into the complexities of the Fairmount Corridor planning activities - demographics, economic development and funding issues both for the MBTA at large and the Fairmount projects in particular.

Fairmount Corridor Improvements Program Links to More Information
  1. Fairmount Corridor Phase I Projects (Uphams Corner News) – Feasibility study, rehabilitation of two existing stations, reconstruction of six bridges, and other (technical) infrastructure upgrades, improvements and replacements.

  2. Fairmount Phase II Projects – Building four new commuter rail stations – Four Corners, Talbot Ave, Newmarket and Blue Hill Avenue - and replacing several Neponset River bridges.
    http://www.mbta.com/about_the_mbta/t_projects/default.asp?id=14261 (MBTA website)

  3. South Station expansion
    http://www.massdot.state.ma.us/southstationexpansion/Home.aspx (MassDot website)

  4. Economic development in cooperation with the Fairmount CDC

  5. MBTA - Fairmount Line Update by Joe Cosgrove 9/12/12

Posted: September 26, 2012 Nancy J Conrad

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