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Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) Supports "Fix Gun Checks Act"

MAIG Sends Letter to Congress

Senate Judiciary Committee On January 24, 2013, the coalition, Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), sent a letter addressed to Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Reid, Leader Pelosi, and Leader McConnell in support of legislation that would close the loophole that allows the purchase of guns without a background check. 

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University found that nearly 80 percent of those who used a handgun in a crime said they had acquired it from an unlicensed seller.

The Fix Gun Checks Act (HR 137) would institute reforms, they say would “do nothing to interfere with the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans, and the reforms enjoy overwhelming public support – including among gun owners.”

What the legislation is targeting  are the 40 to 48 percent of guns sold by unlicensed “private sellers” to prohibited gun buyers who exploit the vast “private sale loophole.” By seeking out private sellers who do not have to comply with the background check at gun shows and over the Internet, gun purchases can be made that would otherwise be prohibited.

Fix Gun Checks Act

The legislation would take two critical steps:
  1. Requiring an instant criminal background check for every gun sale, and
  2. Ensuring that the background check system contains the records of individuals who are already prohibited by current law from owning a firearm.
The bill makes exceptions for transactions between family members and other sales that are unlikely to put guns in the hands of prohibited purchasers.

The MAIG letter concludes:  “More than one million Americans have joined our coalition’s call for common-sense reform of our gun laws. We urge you to start by fixing the nation’s broken gun background check system.”

Letter signed by

Thomas M. Menino   
Mayor of Boston   
Coalition Co-Chair
Michael R. Bloomberg
Mayor of New York City   
Coalition Co-Chair



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Posted: January 31, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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