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Main Street Proposes Kiosk for Upham's Corner

Posted: January 21, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Upham's Corner Main Street is proposing to improve the attractiveness of the Upham's Corner business district by having an information kiosk installed at a key location in the business district - somewhere that is accessible to pedestrians and highly visible by cars and other vehicles. 

Their ideas are at least partly based on the information kiosk that was installed by the Roslindale Village Main Street (RVMS) organization back in 2010. 

Following is an article excerpted from the RVMS website http://www.roslindale.net/

At long last, Roslindale Village kiosk is here!
Posted: October 26, 2010 at 1:20 pm

After years of planning by the RVMS design committee, an exciting new landmark will be greeting visitors to Roslindale Village, welcoming them to the neighborhood. 

A three-sided kiosk at the intersection of Poplar and South Streets across from Adams Park, will offer visitors a detailed map of the neighborhood, business directory, and community events board, with colorful graphic signage to herald their arrival into the business district. 

Funded by RVMS, the kiosk is a key element in a comprehensive effort to build a cohesive and unique visual identity for Roslindale Village and its business community.

Roslindale Sq before kiosk
Looking from Adams Park before the kiosk was installed
Roslindale square after kiosk
Same location but with kiosk in place

Here are some FAQ's provided by Max MacCarthy as he makes his rounds through the neighborhood associations looking for their ideas and support. His answers address not only what a kiosk is but the role Main Street plays in Boston neighborhoods.

What is an information kiosk?

 A district information kiosk is a sidewalk street structure designed to inform, educate, or beautify a streetscape.
Why have a kiosk?

Through our strategic plan, Upham's Corner Main Street has prioritized improving the brand and identity of the Upham's Corner business district while pursuing proactive street improvement projects. The kiosk should be something the community is proud and be a tangible marker of the Upham's Corner community. Depending on the content of the kiosk, the structure can also be a way to drum up sales for local businesses.
What will be the content of the kiosk?

The content will be decided based on feedback from local residents and businesses. Examples of what it could include is a map of the district, list of businesses, list of landmarks, a short narrative of the history of Upham's Corner etc. This information could also be provided in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, and others.
Where will it be sited?

The site of the location will be determined from resident and business feedback as well. UCMS would like it at a spot frequented by a lot of people and foot traffic at the very least, meaning possible spaces could include
  • the corner of Dudley Street and Columbia Road (in front of Check  Cashing place),
  • Dudley Street and Stoughtdn Street (in front of cemetery),
  • corner of Columbia Road and Hancock Street (in front of Strand Theater or in front of Furniture Mart).
Are there other kiosks in use close by?

The kiosk will be partly modeled on the kiosk that was installed in Roslindale Square.
Questions? Comments

Contact Max MacCarthy:  info@uphamscorner.org I website: www.uphamscorner.org

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