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Luis Jorge Tavares - Murder Victim #1 - Upham's Corner, March 14, 2011

Posted: January 15, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Groom Street in Dorchester is where Isaura Mendes lives who heads the Bobby Mendes Peace Legacy.  Isaura holds a special place in the hearts of Upham's Corner residents, especially the Cape Verdean community.  She lost two sons to violence - Bobby and Matthew - and in her ongoing time of healing, she now reaches out to families who suffer from the pain of violence.

She lived next door to the Tavares familly and next door to where the murder took place.

Luis Tavares became the first murder victim in Upham's Corner in 2011.

BPD Press Release

On Monday, March 14, 2011 around 10:47pm, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to 19 Groom Street in Dorchester for a person shot.  On arrival, officers located an 18-year old male suffering from several gunshot wounds. 

The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center by EMS with life threatening injuries where he was later pronounced deceased.  The victim has been identified as Jorge Louis Tavares, 18, of Dorchester.

Cape Verdean Teen is 5th homicide of the year **

Cvstars.com bills itself as the #1 Cape Verdean social networking site and presented this article about the deaath of Tavares.  

Luis Jorge Tavares The victim of a shooting in Dorchester Monday night (March 14, 2011) was an 18-year-old who had been in this country for about a year after moving from Cape Verde, according to police and his family.

Luis Jorge Tavares, who emigrated here with other family members, was shot from behind as he was entering his home at about 10:45 p.m. on Groom Street, according to his relatives.

He was hit several times and rushed to Boston Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

Police said yesterday that the shooting remains under investigation and that they are looking for a motive in the attack. Tavares was not identified publicly by police, but family members confirmed yesterday that he was the victim. They said they do not know why anybody would shoot him. Police said no one has been arrested.

The shooting death was the second tragedy for the Tavares family in just over a week. His older brother, Paulo Jorge Tavares, 27, died in a car accident in Cape Verde, family members said.

Friends and relatives visited the Tavares home during the day yesterday. Songs of mourning native to Cape Verde could be heard from outside.

Family members said that Tavares was close with his family. His mother and four sisters live here. His father lives in Cape Verde. Jose Fernandes, a second cousin, said that Tavares was the type to stay at home and use his computer or he would spend time with his cousins, who live on the same street.

"He stays here all day," Fernandes said. He said Tavares also worked part time at McDonald’s on Massachusetts Avenue. "He just came here, and he’s been working," Fernandes said.Tavares, who spoke little English, had been assigned to Jeremiah E. Burke High School, but had not been attending, school officials said.

However, he had several friends at the high school mourning his death. The school provided grief counselors to those students, a school spokesman said.

** Excerpted from CVStars.com      Read original article

Teen gunned down on Groom Street **

Mar. 15, 2011

An 18 year-old man died last night after he was gunned down on the porch of his mother's house near Uphams Corner. Neighbors say that the victim is Luis Tavares, who grew up in Cape Verde and joined his family here as a teenager.

Isaura Mendes, an anti-violence activists who herself has lost two sons to murder in the last 15 years, lives next door to last night's crime scene. She said a van was seen speeding away from the street right after the shots rang out around 10:30 p.m. "It was bullet after bullet," said Mendes, who described a chaotic scene. "We all came out."

Mendes said that the killing shattered the relative peace that had been a welcome hallmark of the year to date in her neighborhood, which has been the scene of multiple murders in previous years. "This year we were very happy here and in Dorchester," Mendes said. "This neighborhood hadn't lost anyone."

The victim's family had not shared in that good fortune, however. Mendes said that Tavares had just lost a brother in a car accident in Cape Verde last week.

She last saw the 18 year-old, who'd quit school to help his family make ends meet by working at a local fast food restaurant, inside the house next door. "He gave me a big hug. He was so sad because he'd lost his only brother," she said. "And now he's gone."

**Excerpted from Dorchester Reporter Article View original article

Cape Verdean Teen is 5th homicide of the year **
Luis Jorge Tavares
The website ForCV.com describes itself as "The Leading Cape Verdean News Site" and provided a brief description of the shooting as well as a more recent photo of him.

DORCHESTER, Massachusetts -- Luis Jorge Tavares, 18, was shot to death on the porch of his mother’s house last night.

“Around 10:47PM, officers from District B-2 in Roxbury responded to 19 Groom Street in Dorchester for a person shot,” the Boston Police Department (BPD) reports.

“On arrival, officers located an 18-year old male suffering from several gunshot wounds.  The victim was transported to Boston Medical Center by EMS with life threatening injuries where he was later pronounced.”

The BPD Homicide Unit detectives are actively investigating this incident.

** Excerpted from article at FORCV.com  Read original article


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