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Posted: December 31, 2010
Nancy J Conrad

Reflections on 2010

Round numbers - if Upham's Corner is 20,000 and Boston is 600,000, that makes Upham's Corner just over 3% of the total pie - insignificant, you might say.  Wheat

The same holds true even more starkly for you and me - 1 person - 1 family - 1 house - 1 car - 1 dog - how can I make a difference?

Upham's Corner is a collection of businesses, homes and social service groups.  It is a drain for City resources and a source of income for City coffers.  It is an opportunity and a challenge.  It is a center of artistic development, a rich smorgasbord of cultures and ethnicities and a collection of people who are assets to themselves, to the community and to the Commonwealth.Garden Gate

We can think of Upham's Corner much as we think of ourselves - a living, breathing, organic entity needing care - TLC.  Much like a newly planted seed or crops growing in raised bed gardens, if treated well, these verdant resources will deliver food to sustain us and the next generation.   

Caring for ourselves does not automatically extend to our community structures. 

If we can't get along with our neighbors, if we don't agree with City politics, we may find it easier to shut the door, wall ourselves off or join a gated community. 

In the long-run this is not a good way to live, not for your own health, nor for the health of the community.
Bottom-line?  Photographer

Upham's Corner News will be asking how today's news reflects on the long-term socio-economic growth of Upham's Corner.  If we can't answer that question today, then we need to not forget to ask it tomorrow or the day after. 

You can shoot photo after photo thinking you are reporting the news.  There is purpose in the reporting that goes beyond the photo itself.  If we never look back, if we never take the time to review the journey, we might discover only too late that we are walking in circles or, worse still, walking backwards.

We are not talking about ourselves.  Our news is Upham's Corner news. 

Where are we going? 
Where are we "growing to?" 

We will also be taking on a number of projects - looking at the conditions of our city from the comparative perspective of how other similar scenarios are being managed.

Following are topics that could lead to interesting news coverage.  We will be meeting with our Board and the Friends of Uphams' Corner to determine priorities and their ideas.
  • Parks and green spaces
  • Upham's Corner Library
  • Education as a fundamental right
  • Looking at our ethnicities
  • Multi-cultural events
  • The Strand - getting our hands around it
  • Business district "hot spots"
  • The arts community
  • Increasing our readership
  • Getting more contributors involved
So here's the "pitch."  Get involved in 2011.  Become a member of the Board or join Friends.  Your voice needs to be heard and it will make a difference in what happens here in Upham's Corner. 
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