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Looking Down at Uphams Corner from the International Space Station (ISS)

At 8000+ residents strong, Uphams Corner walks in the sands of (Boston’s) time. But from the view of the International Space Station, we barely exist. Giacomo Sardelli's video, 'Further Up Yonder,' reminds us that all of us can make a difference.

Uphams Corner can become a model welcoming community without borders - one that cares for each and every person who lives and works here. That is our greatest wish for 2013 - that we wear an enduring sense of purpose that will make our community shine.

A Time to Reflect and Ponder

International Space StationUphams Corner is a sub-neighborhood of Dorchester, one of 21 neighborhoods officially recognized by the City of Boston, only 0.33 square miles in a total land mass of 48.5 square miles.

Still, with over 8000 residents in this tiny communty, Uphams Corner walks boldly in the sands of Boston’s time.

From a different perspective, Uphams Corner is but the tiniest speck on a planet that is now under siege by
  • unchecked pollution
  • excessive carbon dioxide that traps heat
  • earth denuded of trees that have the ability to capture carbon in their root systems
  • soil erosion from agricultural practices that undermine the stability of soil ecosystems
  • entrenched lifestyles whose ghosts will haunt the future
  • way too many humans.
Time to reflect, ponder and take steps to protect who and what we are. 

Hope - Sometimes Dashed

Uphams Corner Shines From a welling forth of emotion and energy, as our steps move us forward and backward every day, we experience a sense of hope and dashed hope, but always a new day is dawning. 

Signs are everywhere, if we but notice, that life is not without the enduring blades of grass beneath our weary feet, giving us a gentle and  colorful, living blanket on which to journey.  And for that, we must be thankful.

We love every (troubling) inch of Uphams Corner, the people who live here and the potential we all are through our creation and existence.  For Boston,  Uphams Corner can serve as the model of a welcoming community without borders - one that cares for each and every person who lives and works here.

One of the most thoughtful gifts offered to the world at the end of 2012 was a video based on footage from the International Space Station (ISS).  Its focus takes us so far away from Uphams Corner that we can’t help but ask:  Just who are we in the scheme of life?  Do we really matter?

The answer - the only one that matters - lies in the hearts of each and everyone of us.  What do we stand for?  Peace? Harmony? Cooperation? Caring for one another?  For the year 2013, a vision for Uphams Corner is that we each stand tall and wear an enduring sense of purpose that, all together, will make our community shine.

"Further Up Yonder"

Italian filmmaker Giacomo Sardelli used audio messages recorded, and images shot on board the International Space Station to create "Further Up Yonder", a beautiful time-lapse video that tells a short story, one not of his own making but one outflowing from the words spoken by the astronauts who served on board the ISS over the last 11 years.

Further Up Yonder

Subtitled "A message from ISS to all humankind," the video is vibrant and nothing short of extraordinary.  The combined effects - color, imagery, movement, words, international accents of the astronauts, the intrinsic message and the dramatic music - all serve to penetrate our inner being and offer us a moment of reflection and concern.
  • How we can treasure our planet and everything on it? 
  • How can we ensure that the miracle we call Earth is protected?
In the words of the astronauts: 

"As we orbit the planet every 90 minutes, we see a world without borders, and we send our wish
that all nations would work toward peace and harmony and global cooperation."


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Posted: January 19, 2013   Nancy J Conrad

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