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Liriano Market - Opposition to Liquor License by Neighborhood

Posted: February 24, 2011     Nancy J Conrad
Update 3/19/11      

Liriano MarketMoreland Street residents are up in arms over Liriano's Market located at 64 Blue Hill Ave, corner of Blue Hill and Moreland Street.  This very small neighborhood type grocery store applied for a beer and wine license in 2010.   It was rejected on December 3, 2010 because they "did not show a public need" (for the sale of beer and wine).

Liriano's reapplied for the same license and a public hearing was held February 9, 2011.  The decision was "deferred" beause the Hearing Board is waiting for (something).  The clerk was not sure what but probably it was for input from the residents.

Both Moreland Street and Winthrop Street residents have come out strongly opposed to a beer and wine license being grated to this establishment.  Project Right has also taken a position supporting their constituents (Moreland St and Winthrop St) and opposes the Licensing Board granting the license.

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Moreland Street residents prepared a sample letter of "strong opposition" and Project Right has sent them on to the Grove Hall residents, in an appeal to those who are particularly concerned about the quality of life along Blue Hill Ave.  The letter is captures well the issues of concern and is reproduced below. 

For more information, please contact Project Right at 617-541-5454.
Sample Letter in Opposition to Beer and Wine License

Mr. Michael J. Connolly and Ms. Suzanne Ianella
City of Boston Licensing Board Commissioners
1 City Hall Square, Room 809
Boston, MA
Re: Addendum to hearing held January 26,2011 for "Liriano's Market" Application for a beer and wine license
[Today's Date]

Dear Commission Members:

I am writing to inform you of my strong opposition to the granting of a beer and wine license to Liriano's Market, 64 Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury, MA. 02119.

The application should be denied based on the lack of merit. The store itself has no parking area and is located at the very congested intersection of Blue Hill Avenue and Moreland Street. Parking on the street is not available at this location because it is a vibrant residential area with multi-family homes. The small size of the store is also a negative factor in expanding the business. The store has limited space, with narrow aisles and lacks area to safely use the store aisles. Storeowners have a duty to shoppers to maintain as safe a shopping area as possible and reasonably safe passages. The application should be denied due to the small size of the store. Finally, the store's owners have not previously had experience selling alcohol products and these deficiencies in experience and qualifications indicate a lack of ability to safely hold a beer and wine license.
The application should be denied because there is no need in the area for another establishment selling beer and wine. There are 5 liquor stores located within a 0.5-mile distance of the Liriano Market, including: 

Blue Hill Liquors
108 Blue Hill Avenue
Blue Hill Superette and Liquors
167 Blue Hill Avenue  
Davey's Super Market
438 Dudley Street

Brother's Super Liquors
368 Warren Street
Caribbean Liquors
527 Dudley Street

In the public health field, the term economic injustice is used to refer to the over presence ofliquor stores in urban neighborhoods. This area is poor, minority and well served by     retail alcohol stores. In addition to the liquor stores, there are 3 bars:        

Packy Connors Pub
203 Blue Hill Avenue
The Breezeway Bar
153 Blue Hill Ave  
C & S Tavern
380 Warren Street    

The portion of Blue Hill Avenue near the Liriano Market is often referred to in newspaper accounts of crime as a new "Combat Zone" because of prostitution, johns, public drinking, illegal drug sales and violence. The location of the store, adjacent to an area that has become a breeding ground, combined with the weakness of the application itself and the lack of need for another store seiling alcohol, all prompt my actions in writing this letter calling for the City of Boston Licensing Commissioners to deny the application.

I believe that alcohol businesses are one of the factors that have caused the reputation of this area of Blue Hill Avenue. The quality of life of residents and their quiet enjoyment have been diminished due to individuals strolling in the area with open containers of alcohol, johns in the vicinity seeking prostitutes, and the persistent danger of violence erupting at any time.

In closing, I hope you will comply with this request and deny the application that has been submitted by "Liriano' s Market".


[Your Signature]  
According to the Licensing Board, Liriano's request was denied.  They are allowed one request per calendar year.  This explains why after being denied in December 2010, they so quickly reapplied in January 2011.

Come January 2012, they may be applying again.

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