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Letter to Paul Roiff February 28, 2011 #2

Posted: February 28, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Dear Friend . . .

You are just such a sweetheart.  Do you know I love saying that to people.  I like saying that to you, too.  So the question is:  Why?

You know you can make a big deal about nothing - like stomping around a tiny little fire you say is going to blow up the world.  But if you wait long enough, it will just go out.  Patience is a virtue.

Well, I was so concerned about your reputation and the appearance of your front steps (where I might add I was planning on eating lunch) that I stressed out about the endless supply of rotting phonebooks.

Do you know, I traveled with a team put together by Neighborhood Services (Flavio Daveiga).  We were going to stare at the phonebooks, maybe count them to see if they were all still there.  Guess what!  They were gone.  Even better, your front steps were perfectly clean.  Take a look at the before and after pictures.

There's an old expression - God's time.  No one knows about God's time.  And we barely understand mortal time.  I'll just bet you that God took the phonebooks away.  I'll bet you that God is on your side.  How else could you have contributed so much to our world without God being on your side?

600 Columbia Road - RPP Commerce LLC

600 Columbia Rd
Before:  The entry way cluttered with "dead trees"
that we wish were alive.

600 Columbia Rd

After:  Pristine and lovely - no sign of trash

Sad to say, that old expression:  "I've got your backside (I used to think it meant your derriere) . . .  "

No one is shoveling the snow at the back of your building at 600 Columbia Rd. 

But interestingly enough on Feb 8, 2011 someone called in to the City of Boston to request snow removal from 600 Columbia Rd and the City marked the request for service "closed" but they didn't do anything about it.  I cannot understand why.
  • Did they look at the snow on the sidewalks and drive away and mark the ticket closed?
  • Did they look at the snow and give the building a ticket and mark the call for service closed? 
What's closed?  There's still snow. 

Something doesn't make any sense here.  I don't think the City of Boston is being your friend.  If people are complaining about 600 Columbia Rd, the least the City could do is shovel the sidewalk for you.  After all, look how much you did for them!!

Who in the world is RPP Commerce LLC?

According to the Corporations Division of the Secretary of the Commonwealth (ie MA), YOU are the agent.  That's what it says:  PAUL G. ROIFF and it gives Heath Management Co as the location. 

Paul, is Heath the company that is managing your property, 600 Columbia Rd?  I think they need some HELP!  I would be happy to meet with them.  You see the tenants in the building are putting out their trash too early, or on the wrong day, or maybe there is no place for them to put the trash.

OR MAYBE they are just bad people and you should get rid of them.  Take a look at the pictures. 

Imagine the poor sweet mothers and fathers walking with their children on their way to/from CVS to get antibiotics for their children and they have to look at that trash. 

Really, give me a call.  I CAN HELP.

Call for Service
Calll for Serivce for snow removal, Feb 8, 2011
600 Columbia Rd

Photo 2/17/11 - Snow at the back of 600 Columbia Rd,
left over from January.

600 Columbia Rd
Close up of the trash - looks like it's the tenants.

So I went over to 74 Clarendon Street on Saturday so I could meet "THE TEAM."  

Why Saturday?  I figured better parking.  Didn't dawn on me that sensible people don't work on Saturdays.  Heath Properties was closed.  But I took in the "view.''

What an incredible building  - 74 Clarendon - corner with Columbus Ave! 

The front door to the office was open. That's Suite A.  The front door lists Heath Properties (not Heath Mangement, but close enough)  I guess that's so people can drop off their rent.  The main office wasn't open but it looks really nice through the glass.  Can't wait to stop over during the week.

 Heath Properties
74 Clarendon Street
 Heath Properties
Heath Properties - Suite A 
Heath Properties
Heath Properties Van
Heath Properties
Heath Properties - Up Close

Now the last thing I want to share, besides giving you a blessing, is that I have an IDEA!  It's absolutely amazing.  I can't even remember where I got the idea.  I know I was worried about how to solve a problem and suddenly I thought of YOU. 

You are going to be so excited about my idea - actually it will be OUR IDEA.

That's it for now, Paul.  I've enjoyed sharing my spirit with you, my hopes and my dreams.  I wish you a wonderful day. Until next time, God bless you.

Your friend, Nancy

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