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New Urban Mobility ForumsPublic Learning Forums - the New Urban Mobility Landscape

Three public learning forums, open to the public, will look at new urban mobility in Boston May 15-18.

Everyone is invited to attend and join in the conversation to think afresh about urban mobility with ATN (automated transit networks).

Advanced transit professionals from other cities and countries are expected to attend as well as residents interested in enhancing the Greater Boston Area's urban transit capabilities.

Organized by the Boston/Cambridge Nexus Committee:

  • Dr. Charles Harris, professor emeritus Harvard GSD
  • John Avault, BRA Chief Economist
  • Lawrence Fabian, Director of Trans.21, former BRA
  • Christopher Fry, MIT Media Lab
  • Marc Older, waterfront planning expert, former BRA
  • Judeth van Hamm, president South Shore Mobility, former BRA

ATRA (www.advancedtransit.org) is assisting with activities, and ATRA Secretary Kjensmo Walker will present an overview of Podcars – what they are, how capable is this "industry" and what PRT can mean for our communities.

For more info: South Shore Mobility - one@hullportside.net

Wed, May 15 5:30-7

Urban Edge 1542 Columbus Ave
Orange Line – Jackson Sq, 617-989-9824

Several hundred neighborhood activists in JP, Roxbury, Dorchester and Hyde Park are abuzz about transit needs and controversial roadway projects. This gathering will learn about unique ATN planning parameters and ways to better inter-connect transit-thirsty Boston neighborhoods. This forum will consider and brainstorm about the Greater Egleston district near but not quite on the Orange Line.

Thurs, May 16 6:00-7:30'

Dorchester Bay EDC, 617-825-4200

The MBTA is adding stations to adapt the railroad to service urban needs, but they aren't where people want to go. Costing over $200 million, improvements to the Fairmont Line are expected to raise ridership 800 round trips a day to 2700. If a franchise were granted to allow solar collectors above the 9.2 mile Fairmont corridor, they could power 100,000 passengers per day. This forum will explore this and how solar PRT branches can bring Fairmont-Lite service to the trip generators well off the rail line.

Fri, May 17 6:00-7:30

UMass-Columbia Point or Dorchester Bay EDC, 617-825-4200

Columbia Point is home to expanding UMass, JFK Library, Mass. Archives, BC High, the Globe, and other institutions. It has severe parking and access problems, and they are intensifying. The BRA plans to redo Mt Vernon St. This forum will explore PRT to interconnect these institutions, parking and the Red Line.

Posted: May 3, 2013 Nancy J Conrad

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