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"The Heat" Heats up Norfolk Ave
Poem dedicated to Hurricane Katrina
Four More Beautification Awards
Pear Plaza Sweep - Help Needed

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"Pics in the Parks" - a Boston Treasure
Friends of the Library - New Year
Tito Jackson Staff Change

Posted Street Cleaning - Growing
VM Garden - Meet & Clean

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Bird St Open House applications
Jose Mateo Nutcracker Auditions

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Aug 30
: Pear Plaza Sweep
Sep 8:  UCHC Health Festival
Sep 10-14: Bird St Open House
Sep 15:   Jose Mateo Ballet Auditions

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Pear Plaza Sweep
Thursday, August 30, 2012 3:30 ++

The Uphams Corner Improvement Association is asking Greater Uphams Corner residents to help complete the cleanup and restoration work in Pear Square.  Read the following messages from EE Square activists.

 A message from John McColgan: 

EE Square PearPlease join Edward Everett Square residents for a "Pear Plaza Sweep" this Thursday, August 30, 2012 from 3:30 on.

Pear sculpture artist Laura Baring-Gould and art restoration specialist Jeff Buccacio have completed critical repairs and maintenance on the bollard art and the granite ring at the base of the Pear. 

On Thursday Aug 30, they will need some help finishing up the wash and wax job on the Pear itself.  The rest of us will be sweeping the plaza areas.

Hope to see you there.  Brooms, shovels and trash bags welcome!


And from The Mayor of Pear Square:

Thanks John  for organizing this clean up.  Hope all of the Edward Everett Square Residents Committe can help out that day.  Please come out an take ownership of our beautiful square and neighborhood. 

Ed Debortoli

UCHC Health Festival 2012 UCHC Health Festival
Sat Sep 8, 2012 11am to 2pm

Celebrating the 25th year of its operation, the Uphams Corner Health Center will hold their 2012 Health Festival at the Strand Theatre on Saturday, September 8 from 11am to 2pm.

The format is inviting and intends to encourage as many people in the area to participate as possible with health screenings, diabetes check, refreshments, raffles and prizes.

To keep you in the swingin' mood, the Gerason Band will provide live music throughout the event.

Contact 617-288-0970 x33.

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Bird Street Community CenterBird Street Community Center "Open House Week"
Sep 10-14, 2012

Bird Street Community Center will hold its fall "Open House Week" for members 10-22 beginning on September 10 from 2 until 8 pm. 

We will accept both applications for members and applications for part-time teen jobs through Friday, September 14. 

All programs will begin on September 17 and people can go to our website after September 6 to download applications and fall schedules:  www.birdstreet.org.

Sep 8, 9 & 15, 2012
Nutcracker Auditions
Various locations.  On September 15, auditions will be held at the Salvation Army Kroc Center, 650 Dudley St, Dorchester.

Be part of the magic of the magic holiday season! The José Mateo Ballet Theatre will be holding open auditions for children ages 6-18 to participate in the 2012 Nutcracker Season!

Auditions will be held at the Salvation Army Kroc Center on September 15, 2012

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Uphams Corner News Calendar of Events - More Events

Note:  Some calendar events are tied to a UC News article.  When you open the event, you will find a link to the news story.

Councillor Tito Jackson - Staff Change
Aug 20, 2012

Tuesday, August 20th is Bennett Wilson's last day as Communications Director in the Office of Boston City Councillor Tito Jackson.  "Contributing the work of the this office to help District 7 and the people of Boston has been an incredible experience.  Thank you everyone who helped make this time so rewarding."

Effective Aug 20, Ms. Sharra Gaston will be handling communications and scheduling. 

Contact information for Ms. Sharra Gaston

Phone:  617-635-1398
Cell: 617-939-8527
Email: sharragaston@gmail.com
Contact Information for Ms. Bennett Wilson

Email:  BennettGWilson@gmail.com
Personal Cell: (617) 913-0325
Twitter: @BennettGWilson

Fresh Fridays at First Parish
Aug 24, 2012Fresh Fridays

First Parish Church
10 Parish Street, Dorchester

The Dorchester Community Food Co-op and the Sustainability Guild International present an exciting series of Friday night events August through September.

These events will be "nutritious nights out" featuring savory food and beverages, live music, slam poetry, activities for kids, local community chefs and cooking demos. Help celebrate the essence of Dorchester through diverse voices, talents and flavors!

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Upham's Corner InSight into the News

"The Heat" Heats up Norfolk Ave in Uphams Corner
 August 26, 2012The Heat and Sandra Bullock in Uphams Corner

Since early July, "The Heat" has been filming in Boston with Sandra Bullock groupies following her every move. Sunday August 26 was a well publicized filming date and a crowd pleaser as well, as the pyrotechnic geniuses provided an excellent performance of a car explosion, including fire, smoke and final fire extinguisher.

Excellent set of photos showing the preparation, residents and visitors out to watch and the explosion itself.  Can't wait to see the movie.

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Congratulations to 40 Bird St, 20 & 32 Humphreys St and 56 Belden St
Aug 25, 2012

The Uphams Corner Improvement Association (UCIA) has issued four more Beautification Awards to area homes for a total of 16 properties with more awards to come.  CONGRATULATIONS!

View Beautification Awards Index to see all awards issued in 2012.

The Homes & Gardens Beautification Award is given to Uphams Corner area residents and businesses who maintain their property with pride, enhancing its "curb appeal" and contributing to the overall beauty of Uphams Corner.  We consider condition and attractiveness of the property and grounds, and how well the property fosters a spirit of beauty and sustainability in the community. 

For more information, contact the Uphams Corner Improvement Association at   UCImprove@gmail.com

40 Bird Street

The front yard is almost hidden behind a solid brick fence.

Stepping inside the yard, behind the fence, you are suddenly transformed from an ordinary urban setting into an exquisite and colorful garden with a center bed and flowers growing fully around.
40 Bird Street

20 Humphreys Street

While this home at the corner of Belden and Humphreys covers most of the narrow lot, leaving only small side yards, the owner has carefully landscaped both sides of the property visible from the street. 

The red mulch picks up the color of the door, giving a nice overall feel to appearance.
20 Humphreys Street

32 Humphreys Street

With their home located on a corner lot, the owners have taken full advantage of the visibility of the side yard on Wendover Street to showcase the home. 

While not emphasizing brilliant colors, the owners have created a sense of movement and flow from the texture of many different plants. 
32 Humphreys Street

56 Belden Street

Flowers everywhere - brightly colored.  Adding a sense of artistry is the artisan handmade sign showing the property address. 

Year after year, these residents have taken special care of their property and help make Belden Street very attractive.
56 Belden Street

Photos of the Day
August 26, 2012

Al Pacino ScarfaceInteresting and unusual opportunities for photography in and around Uphams Corner happen daily.  This month's "Photos of the Day" include
  • a  restored jet black 1984 New Yorker driving past the Strand,
  • an Al Pacino Scarface artwork with real bullets and real cigar,
  • a six foot garden wall with plants on stilts,
  • the beautiful mural at Ma Sis' Place,
  • garden art including a baby giraffe,
  • and most importantly, the PEOPLE of Uphams Corner.
Enjoy - Click Here

"A Woman's Wrath" - Hurricane Katrina 2005 - 7th Anniversary

Hurricane Katrina August 29, 2005 was the day that Southern Louisiana suffered at the "hand" of natural forces gone wild and  at the hands of  humans who fell to an unnatural state.

America suffered, not just New Orleans, as a whole as we discovered over time the inadequacies of the Federal Government's Emergency Management Agency and the depths of depravity demonstrated by the Police Department in New Orleans.

For humans filled with eternal hope, their response turns to the creative - literature, film, art and human kindness.  Robby Anton Thomas lives in Grove Hall, is an avid thinker, writer and spiritualist.  He offers us his response to Katrina - the poem "A Woman's Wrath" dedicated to the victims and survivors of Hurricane Katrina - August, 2005. 

Image courtesy Wikipedia

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Uphams Corner Branch Library
Friends of the Uphams Corner Library
August 28, 2012

The Friends of the Uphams Corner Library begin their new year of activities on September 9 at the Uphams Corner Health Center's 2012 Festival.

Plan to stop by the Strand Theatre between 11am and 2pm on September 9.  The Uphams Corner Health Festival will be in full swing and the Friends will be hosting an information table. 

Meet some Friends, learn more about the group and add your name to their mailing list.  Then plan to attend one of their monthly Friends meetings.

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"Pics in the Parks" Workshop a Treasure for Boston
August 28, 2012
This year marks the 16th anniversary of ParkARTS, a program of the City of Boston's Parks and Recreation Department and is a special offering of concerts, art workshops, programs, and public events across the city that fall into two basic programs: Participatory Arts and Performing Arts.

"Pics in the Parks" consists of six photography workshops. A chance to "learn tricks and techniques of taking a perfect photograph," and have some of your photos put on display at City Hall in a 4-week post workshop exhibit.

What makes this program so effective?  Each workshop is in a different "park" and each workshop is themed - texture, repetition, light and shadows.  It is the theme that creates the challenge.

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Virginia Monadnock Gardeners Meet and Clean
Saturday, August 4, 2012

Virginia Monadnock Community GardenGardeners and neighbors met at the Virginia Monadnock Community Garden and worked on sprucing up the common areas including the sidewalk in front, the patio, lawn and play area and the walkways around the garden plots.

While the garden is routinely maintained, it doesn't take long for the toughest wild growth (otherwise known as weeds) to crop up everywhere, especially between patio blocks and along walkways. Of course,the grass needed mowing as well.

The gardeners worked hard, accomplished a lot and just as they were about to call it a good day's work, a peal of thunder applauded their efforts.

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Posted Street Cleaning Program Growing Strong
August 28, 2012

According to Flavio Daveiga, our Neighborhood Services Rep, the number of streets being added to the Posted Street Cleaning program in Uphams Corner is bound to make a huge difference in the overall cleanliness and appearance of our neighborhood.

The Transportation Department's plan is to implement street cleaning starting in the Spring.  To make sure your street is on the list, contact Flavio at 617-635-1880.