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Kroc-O-Treat 2013 - Great Alternative to Trick-or-Treat

Well over 2000 children and families attended the third annual Kroc-O-Treat Halloween night extravaganza during the two-hour event held from 6 to 8 p.m. on October 31, 2013.
Kroc Center Halloween 2013
Community Participation Encouraged

The Kroc Center had invited local businesses and nonprofit organizations to participate and to provide donations of fun healthy treats, volunteers to help out with the event, trick-or-treat bags, pales, decorations or pumpkins and tax deductible donations.

Vendor participation was free. Anyone could host a resource table offering information and giveaways.  Emphasizing the "giveaways," the Kroc Center said they were depending on the participating organizations to make their tables not just a source of information but a Halloween fun place for all - kids and families. 

Isaque Rezende, Kroc Center Community Outreach Coordinator, was all smiles: "This year's event, the third annual occurrence of Kroc-O-Treat, was a great success. We met our goal of providing the community a safe alternative to Trick or Treating out in the streets."  And compared with the other two years?  "The number of neighborhood children and families participating has grown – 1500 in 2011, 2000 in 2012 and in 2013, at least 2200. 

A Gymnasium Full of Activities

Here's how the evening's activities proceeded. When the youth and families entered the Kroc Center, they were each handed a bag of "treats" and directed to the gymnasium where all Kroc-O-Treat activities took place.  A steady line of visitors moved from table to table, with freebies given out almost everywhere.
  •  Five face painters worked steadily to add a whimsical artistic look to every child who was game.

  • Uphams Arts - Kroc-O-Treat 2013Uphams Arts offered framed portraits for only five dollars.  Photos taken were printed on a special printer on site.  Many families took advantage of that. 

    View all Uphams Arts Kroc-O-Treat 2013 portrait photos

  • Houghton Mifflin Harcourt distributed storybooks for ages 6 to 12.

  • Using roll-out mirrors, the Kroc Center setup a special section of the gym to simulate a dance floor.   Every half-hour, a Michael Jackson look-alike taught the kids how to dance to Thriller.  So the kids could not only imitate "Michael" to music well-known to everyone but they also had the chance to watch themselves in the many mirrors and this usually brought on the tickles and the laughter.

  • A bouncy house and obstacle course for all ages was a great place of using up excess energy

Thanks to All Who Helped

Thanks go to the many organizations that contributed and helped to make the evening a resounding success including Bank of America, Citizens Bank, Necco (candy company), Stop & Shop, community members and Kroc Center staff.

Thanks to the Kroc Center for permission to use photos in this article from their Kroc Center Face book Page.

Mr. Rezende added:  "The Kroc center looks forward to the next Kroc-O-Treat.  It's not too early to begin planning.  Add it to your calendar and plan to spread your organization's message next year on October 31, 2014 while having fun and delighting others."

Kroc Center Halloween 2013 Kroc Center Halloween 2013

Kroc Center Halloween 2013

Kroc Center Halloween 2013 Kroc Center Halloween 2013

Kroc Center Halloween 2013 Kroc Center Halloween 2013

Kroc Center Halloween 2013

Posted: November 18, 2013    Nancy J Conrad

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