Kroc Center's Culinary Arts Training Program - Students Graduate with Pride

June 5, 2014 marked the second graduation class from the Kroc Center's Culinary Arts Training Program.  Families of the graduates, Salvation Army dignitaries, members of the community and the students celebrated graduation day with food they prepared and served and with certificates and graduation gifts.

A proud day for all, June 5 marked the graduation ceremonies for fourteen students from the Boston Kroc Center's Culinary Arts Training Program.  The second class since its inception, the March 31 opening day was the start of an in depth, ten week journey teaching knife skills, food terminology, kitchen safety standards, recipes and effective work performance.

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Chef Timothy helping students set up lunch
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Captains Patricia and Travis Lock

With all of the students completing the course requirements, the excitement of accomplishment filled the air along side the smell of freshly cooked and prepared food.  Following a brief introduction and prayer, lunch was served - chicken enchiladas, corn salsa, rainbow slaw and lemonade.

Joshua Flint called the course "a blessing" and very helpful.  "I always wanted to be a chef. Getting into this program was like a dream come true. It was very special."

Monica Fergus said, "I loved the course. It was more than I expected. It's a whole different area for me. My background is in management – hospital administration. I plan to start my own hosting business."

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Serving with pride
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Getting ready to graduate

Prayers - at the Beginning of the Day

Major Steven Lopes offered a prayer for the food, the students, the course and the future.  "Our gracious heavenly Father, we thank you for what this day represents - the men and women who made a commitment months ago to enter into a culinary arts program, one that would be demanding and would require the time and intention and hard work, to be diligent and to manage their time, to complete tasks, to study and to remember. We celebrate that each one has completed the commitment they made months ago and we ask for the blessings on the food that will nourish our bodies.  We also ask for blessings on the people who will be speaking that their words will honor the program and themselves. " 

Jean-Luc DeBarros who graduated from the first class in January 2014, stopped in the day before graduation and the day of graduation to help out.  "I'm waiting for my business to run – working on it right now. My project is to open a restaurant on Bowdoin Street. We have property and we are working on getting a license. I want to call it The Healthy Grill because I want to serve the healthiest food in this area."

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Drew Forster and Major Steven ad Valerie Lopes
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14Ember and Chef Timothy

Christian Lopez and Judy Rose share  testimonials

Christian Lopez

"This course has been a great experience and have made a lot of friends. This program has allowed me to start over because I do not come from a perfect past. I learned from this program that I can be successful not just in the kitchen but in my life in general. I believe in all the potential I possess. I want to thank Chef Timothy and Eric as a life coach.  I appreciate everything I've learned."

Judy Rose

"I'm so proud to stand before you and I'm so grateful that you took the time out of your busy schedule to celebrate this great accomplishment with us.  I want to let you know that your well wishes and your support were not in vain because here you have 14 graduates, standing proud and standing tall.  Not just in education but all of the equipment we needed from the shoes and the uniform to the hats was invested out of selfless love by the Kroc Center.  Our responses to life's challenges determine our outcomes. We have the power and life is in our hands."

Gifts to Chef Timothy and Eric Hall

On behalf of our class, to Chef Tucker for more than ten years of culinary service nationwide, we thank you (all students together). 
To Eric Hall, 20+ years of changing lives, your touch has made a difference in our lives. Thank you.

Diana Angulo, Anibal Bueno, Ben Cook, Monica Fergus, Josh Flint, Ember Greenidge, Michael Hall, Tonya Hamilton, Keisha Jones, Carmelo Martinez, D'Andre Rackley, Victor Rodriguez, Judy Rose, Sharel Wilson

More photos from Class #2 on our Facebook Page

Photos from the First Culinary Arts Program
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Monica preparing water glasses
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Ember and family

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Eric Hall, Life Coach
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Gift of appreciation to Eric

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Chef Timothy in a teaching moment
Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Thanks be to the Great Chef Timothy

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Chicken Enchiladas

Kroc Center Culinary Arts Graduation 6/5/14
Salad, Corn salsa and Rainbow slaw

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Posted: June 13, 2014    Nancy J Conrad