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Is Ka'Carlos Coming Back to Life? 

Posted: Friday, September 30, 2010
Nancy Conrad

On August 2, 2009 two people were killed and a third injured at the popular restaurant Ka' Carlos at 33 Hancock St in Upham's Corner. On that day, Ka' Carlos met its untimely death.

The event began with an altercation and shots fired inside the restaurant.  One man died in the restaurant, the other outside.  

The restaurant has never re-opened.
Ka' Carlos was a favorite place to gather for excellent Cape Verdean food and drink.  There was a dance floor, a bar and a wide-screen TV.  Ka' Carlos Restaurant

From the outside walking by you could pass within inches of the diners.  Yet they maintained their privacy because the lower portion of each window was blocked by an opaque coating.

Still, you could see movements, hear the talking and imagine the wonderful food inside.  

The community was stunned at the terrible violence that happened that night.  For weeks following, neighbors, friends and family kept candles burning - vigil watches at the places where their loved ones had lived and died.  

Ka' Carlos RestaurantIt was early in the afternoon of a late August day in 2010.  Just over one year had passed since the closing of Ka' Carlos.  An SUV was parked at the back of the restaurant and the back door was open.   

Later that evening, Ka' Carlos was alive with the gentle sounds of  people and music and good times.   

The lights were low and the sign on the door said:  "Private Party Only."

Ka' Carlos RestaurantLiquor licenses are hard to get and in practice cannot be retained without use.  What had happened to the one belonging to the owner of Ka' Carlos?  According to Jean at the Boston Licensing Board (9/28/10), the current owner of the liquor license has agreed to sell it. 

Enough time has passed and we have begun to forget.  The memory of Ka' Carlos is fading and even as the signs so naming the restaurant are removed, we barely notice.  

The restaurant has been sold.  

  • New owners?  
  • New ideas?  
  • New life?  
  • What will it be?
Some facts about the property:Ka' Carlos Restaurant
  1. According to a Boston.com article reviewing the restaurant in 2006, the owner was Carlos DePina 
  2. According to the City of Boston assessing online, the owner of record as of January 1, 2010 was to Jisella DePina.
  3. Assessing online also indicates that the current owners are  Michele G. Bingham and Steven P. Bingham.
  4. The property parcel ID is 1502667000.

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