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Jagriti Yatra - Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted: January 26, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Jagriti Yatra - Awakening the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Jagriti Yatra, featured in a Google Blog, is an annual train journey to inspire the development of social and economic entrepreneurship in communities throughout India. It is very popular and highly successful because the participants are transformed by what they see, their travel companions and the journey itself.  They become inspired to believe that: "All things are  possible if you persist."

The participants come from the rich and poor states, urban, semi-urban and rural. A large portion came from low-income rural families, and many of them (especially the women) had fought great odds to get a good education.

Many of the participants want to "give back" and find strength even in India's toughest challenges such as youth abandoning their farming traditions, vast open-air garbage dumps in town centers, girls dropping out of school after eighth grade and unemployed undergraduates scrounging money to bribe their way into government jobs.

Day after day, with passion and energy growing and learning they can become agents of change - this transformation was spawning participants to commit to enterprise: taking up organic farming in their villages or establishing career mentoring programs in their communities

"All things are  possible if you persist."

Jagriti Yatra - Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit Jagriti Yatra - Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Jagriti Yatra, a Journey of Discovery, is a large scale undertaking  - 8,500 kilometers - in a country with the extremes of poverty and wealth and it focuses on youthful participants (ages 20-26). These implications of these two factors are important.  Agents of change can be successful where there is a deep thirst and where the energy level is high enough to implement programs that bring about change.

Jagriti Yatra promotes a new generation of entrepreneurs - people who take action and seek to establish enterprises that ultimately tend to the fundamental needs of people and society. It could just as easily be implemented on a smaller scale and encourage the participation of everyone with vision.

Would this "Journey of Discovery" approach work in Upham's Corner?  Not sure.

Look around.  Ask yourself who the change agents are in Upham's Corner.  Ask how many local entrepreneurs are taking the spotlight. 

In Upham's Corner the well established political base made up of the heavy-hitter non-profits are the ones who take the change agent center of attention:  DSNI, Dorchester Bay, Main Street and for the youth, Bird St and the Kroc Center.  Are they making a difference?  Yes.  Are they heavily tied into city, state, federal and other donor pipelines?  Yes!

We emphasize:  They depend on donations and grant writing. They are not entrepreneurial enterprises. 

The entrepreneurial spirit is missing in Upham's Corner.  Just try to start a "movement" without having first checked with
  • your local neighborhood association
  • the non-profits (who set the social tones)
  • your elected officials
  • your neighbors
Upham's Corner News is a case in point.  "I'd like to start a newspaper to cover our community."  And the response:  "I think you should bring that up at the next Westside Neighborhood Association meeting."

Anathema!  We need a community voice today, not tomorrow and not whose existence depends on the sanctions of a predominantly political organization.

There is a huge difference between groups legislating what can or should be done and one person running with vision.

In Upham's Corner we need people with energy and vision who are willing to shout "I can," who are willing to place their two feet firmly on their grass (roots) and who have the passion to cast their energy into the ocean of possibilities without bowing to the politics of money.

The challenge and the possibilities that Upham's Corner represents are amazing!.  We are a melting pot community that is hungry for education and skills.  We are also a community full of artists and visionaries.  

Let's all go on a Jagriti Yatra - a journey of discovery through Upham's Corner with our eyes freshly open and our passions enflamed. 

The journey on which we embark, where will it lead?  What will we discover? 
  • A way to freshen the dirty, dull and fingered city into shiny, reflective and colorful faces.
  • A way to awaken and unlock the pent up dreams of the people who live here. 
  • A way to harness our individual energies and visions into one gigantic flame - a community like none other.
What a great journey that will be! 
Jagriti Yatra

Jagriti Yatra - Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit Jagriti Yatra - Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit
Jagriti Yatra - Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit Jagriti Yatra - Inspiring the Entrepreneurial Spirit

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