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Jackson Market in Uphams Corner Hit by Drunk Driver 2/15/14

On Saturday, February 15, 2014, a drunk driver with NY plates, allegedly failed to make a turn onto Dudley Street and crashed into Jackson Market, at 728 Dudley Street in Uphams Corner, doing considerable damage to the front of the building.  On site at 8:30am were the owner and a representative from United Housing to work out a plan on how to handle the repairs, expected to take at least one month.

Jackson Market Hit by Drunk DriverRumors had already begun to fly. Not one block down the street, an employee waiting for her shop to open said she heard somebody had pulled down the grates on Jackson Market and looted the place. "Not true."

It was already 8:30 am on Saturday, February 15, 2014.  Jackson market did not look its normal self, which is an inviting and brightly painted store with customers going in and out. Instead, people stood around as if they weren't quite sure what was going to happen next.

According to the owner, Khalilur Matuber who has owned Jackson market for almost 2 years, he had arrived around 7:15 AM and discovered a police car and an inspector from the City of Boston in front of the building.  Ordinarily, he begins his work day by opening the security grates, but not today.  On the left side, the security grates were a shambles and the left panel and front door were badly damaged. 

"What happened?" Apparently, a New York plated car with drunk driver had smashed into the property at 4:30 in the morning on Saturday, February 15, 2014. Driving down Monadnock Street, the driver had failed to make the turn onto Dudley Street.  Jackson Market was in the driver's way. 

Not knowing how to get a hold of the owner, Boston Police assigned a car to watch the property as looting could occur given the condition of the building.

United housing representative, Leonel Brito, said he expects the repairs could take at least a month.  He was in the process of calling his supervisor to assess what would be needed to establish a temporary entrance to the front of the building. After that, the repair process would entail:
  •      insurance estimate
  •      detailed statement of work to be done
  •      bidding or allocation process to contractors
  •      pulling permit
  •      completing the repairs

Encouraging the Owner to Stay Open

Several members from the community spoke with the owner and offered their support and concerns.  "Most of my customers live close by," he said. Residents said they would miss being able to go into the store, chat with him and other employees, get a cup of coffee and buy groceries.  They encouraged him to find a way to remain open even if you had to use the side door.

"Think of it this way," one of them commented, "Dudley Terrace is like a mini mall. You could put up a sign that said:

Open for Business. Use New Entrance

with a huge arrow pointing to the right.  Mr. Matuber smiled and said he would think about it. "I'm still in shock."

Meanwhile, one of Khalilur's favorite employees, his daughter Zannat, stood behind the front counter as if it were business as usual, waiting for customers to arrive.  And in walked Henry Nevarez from Nevarez Clothing Gear across the street. With nary a word to say, he hurried over to the freshly brewed pot of coffee.  "You do this?" Someone asked.  Henry smiled and said, "I still have my van."

On the way out, this reporter thanked the owner as he insisted she have a freshly brewed, hot cup of coffee before leaving. By later in the day, United Housing had constructed a temporary entrance in front and the store was open for business as usual.

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Jackson Market Hit by Drunk Driver 2/15/14
Owner, Khalilur Matuber
Jackson Market Hit by Drunk Driver 2/15/14
Daughter, Zannat
Jackson Market Hit by Drunk Driver 2/15/14
United Housing rep, Leonel Brito

Posted: February 15, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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