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Jackson Market Opens for Business

Posted: Wednesday, August 26, 2010
Nancy Conrad, Editor
Jackson Market opens for Business
Jose Silverio (right),
Owner of Jackson Market

Jackson Market opens for Business

Jackson Market is the new name at 728 Dudley St

but that's not all that's new.  We spoke with the owner, Jose Silverio.  He and his assistant, Eladio Reyes, have been welcoming customers and visitors for about a week.

After he bought the store Jose made major changes to the layout.  "Why," I asked, "have you made so many changes?"  His answers strongly reflect his attitude about life.

He cares about people, and whether he is in conversation with a friend or helping a customer, his attitude is the same.  He wants to be of service, he wants you to feel that you are special, he wants to build a relationship with you and he wants you as a permanent friend.
Jose did not feel comfortable with the prior layout.  He said it was too hard to find what you're looking for and too easy to get lost in the aisles. 

"What can I do," he wondered, " to make my merchandise easier to find and to create a pleasurable experience in the store while shopping?" By relocating the shelves and coolers along the outside walls, he created a large open space in the center.  It's now so easy to see  where everything is in the store.  In fact while we were there, we heard a customer say to her husband: "It's so much bigger than before."  

The most attractive new feature is the cash register area.  It's a true delight to the eye.  What separates you from the cash register is a Plexiglas wall with a gazillion pockets stuffed full of candy and other delights.  The trick is that the pockets are only open to the cash register side. The kids love it.  You will love it, too.  You can see what you want but you can't get to it. You have to ask and that makes the longing even greater .
Jose bought the store after 10 years in the recruiting business and return them where his strong point was working with people.  It's that part of his personality that comes to play in everything he does.  Yes, this store is a business and that's very important.  It's also his life for many hours during the day.  

He says that his store is not like large grocery stores where you wait in line and get greeted by "Next."  He likes to introduce himself and get to know you by name.  He likes to smile and treat everybody personally.  "I'm building a relationship," he says, "so you'll come back again and again."
Jose speaks two languages -- Spanish and English.  When we spoke in his native language, he emphasized three things: limpio (clean), espacio abierto (open space) and muy contento (happy).  

Please stop by Jackson Market to welcome them to Upham’s Corner, to get to know their store and to plan to shop there regularly.

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