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Posted: March 10, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Letters to the Editor

Vol I No 1 - 8/26/2010
Geraldo Serrano Dedication
Geraldo Serrano honored
Serrano dedication photos
Dorchester Bay spearheads celebration

Upham's Corner News goes live
What is an online newspaper?
Pondering our target audience

Vol I No 2 - 9/1/2010
Jackson Market Opens
Jackson Market opens
Jackson Market photos
Upham's Corner boundaries - walking tour
Business Welcome Wagon

Vol I No 3 - 9/08/2010
Rainbow Grand Opening
Rainbow grand opening
Rainbow grand opening photos
Trees & Gardens Tour - overview

Vandalism at H&R Block
Advisory Board formed

Vol I No 4 - 9/20/2010
The Food Project
The Food Project
Vinfen Group House
Advisory Board Ideas

Faces of Upham's Corner - Intro
DSNI - Walk for Dudley

Vol I No 5 - 10/05/2010
Upham's Corner Hotspots
Hotspots blighting the business district
Hotspots photo essay
Health festival a great success

Friends of Upham's Corner
Fernald Terrace Rock
Ka-Carlos Restaurant coming back to life?

Vol I No 6 - 10/15/2010
Edward Everett Sq Art to be Dedicated
Public Artwork to be dedicated
Amado Enterprises damaged
Cataloni's - Will it re-open?

Upham's Corner Beauty Supplies
Recipe's Inspired #1
Getting help in a complaint-free world
Vinfen Group house update

Vol I No 7 - 10/22/2010
Sleeping Moon to be Dedicated
DAC - Open Studios 2010
Sleeping Moon to be dedicated
Only One Design Boutique
Linda Webster helps out

Hotspots - Caught in the act
Main Streets is moving
Upham's Corner News is shifting the image

Vol I No 8 - 11/04/2010
Maxwell Flea Market
Upham's Corner News has moved
About Town - Nov 1, 2010
Boo Bash at the Strand
Boo Bash Photos 2010

Halloween on Pleasant St
Fall Season Scenes & Colors
Report on voting in Upham's Corner

City closes down Maxwell Flea Market
   - Overview
   - Remembering Maxwell Flea Market
   - Photos after closing
   - Fire Marshall Kodzis
   - Dept Neighborhood Development
   - Flea Market owner's story
   - Flea Market dates & documents
   - Recommendations

Vol I No 9 - 11/18/2010
A Focus on the Arts in Upham's Corner
500 Lights on our holiday tree
Maxwell Flea Market - From the Editor
About Town - Nov 15, 2010
Restaurant at 33 Hancock St
Looking back at Ka-Carlos 2005

The Food Project - Part II
Getting Help - Boston Police speak out
Sleeping Moon dedication
Sleeping Moon dedication - photos

DAC Open Studios 2010 review
DAC Open Studios 2010 - photos
Edward Everett Sq dedication
Edward Everett Sq dedication - photos

Vol I No 10 - 11/26/2010
Our Residents give Thanks
Urbanity Dance at the Strand
Thanksgiving in Upham's Corner
Strand Theatre event
Main Street update

Vol I No 11 - 12/03/2010
Strand Theatre - many events
We welcome Boston Classical Orchestra
Holiday tree lighting was fun
Pilgrim Church serves Food on the Common
Photos - Feeding the hungry on the Common

Upham's Corner Holiday Guide

Vol I No 12 - 12/31/2010
Looking Forward into 2011
Chinese cultural performance
Photos - Chinese cultural performance
Benjamin the Clown entertains
Photos - Benjamin the Clown

A Dorchester Christmas - photos
Christmas with Bobby - photos
Pilgrim Church Community Lunch - photos
Holiday decorations in Upham's Corner

Holiday decorations - Homes - photos
Photos of decorated businesses
Deck the Windows winner 2010
Bidding a fond farewell to 2010

Looking forward into 2011
A visit from the Safe Street Team
Safe Street Team initiative
Sidewalk trip hazard repair

Strand Theatre sidewalk repair
Restaurant at 33 Hancock issued license
Getting Help - B2 & C11 Boundaries
About Town - Dec 30, 2010

Vol I No 13 - 01/28/2011
Sidewalk Snow Removal
Snowstorm Jan 14 2011
   - Overview of the condition
   - Snow storm's effect in Upham's Corner
   - Code Enforcement's Chief Mackan
   - Snow removal issues identified
   - Boston not a pedestrian friendly city
   - Recommendations
   - Pedestrian walkway issues - Photos

State of the City Address
Letter to Paul Roiff #1
About Town - Jan 28, 2011
Neighborhood Response Team a Winner

SNI organizing meeting ineffective
SNI meeting transcript
Savin Hill Village Development Committee
Friends of the Upham's Corner Library

Renew Boston energy initiative
   - What is Renew Boston?
   - Dorchester Bay's role
   - Boston is moving to "sustainable"
   - MA and climate change
   - Boston climate action history

Vol I No 14 - 02/28/2011
Elder Art Exhibit at Library
Elder art exhibit at Upham's Corner Library
   - Reception on Feb 16
   - Meet the artists
   - Elder art watercolors
   - Sewing & Embroidery program
   - Woodworking program
   - What is Art Therapy?

A Poem for Black History
Black baseball mural in Upham's Corner
Buttonwood St issue with NStar
BRA District Improvement Plan

Dogdom:  Human donates bones
Green Ticket Legislation
Letter to Paul #2
Moreland St vs. Liquor license

Photo Series:  Painted in White
SNI Update - Sgt. Brooks
Upham's Corner named a CARD
Neighborhood Services: UC Walk-thru
Main Street still moving

Trees & Gardens Photo Tour
Faces of Upham's Corner - Photo Tour
Hotspots Photo Essay
Health Festival Photo Essay

Boo Bash Photos 2010
Fall Season Scenes & Colors Photo Collage
Sleeping Moon dedication photos
DAC Open Studios 2010 - photos

Edward Everett Sq dedication - photos
Photos - Feeding the hungry on the Common
Photos - Chinese cultural performance
Photos - Benjamin the Clown

A Dorchester Christmas - photos
Pilgrim Church Community Lunch - photos
Holiday Decorations 2010 - Photo Collage
Pedestrian walkway issues - Photos

Elder Art Exhibit


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