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Is Uphams Corner Getting a Food Court Replacing Payless Shoe at 594 Columbia Rd?

594 Columbia Rd, DorchesterPayless Shoe to become a Food Court?

The first floor of what is commonly referred to as the Dorchester Bay building is slated to be turned into a food court, at least so says LoopNet , an online service which claims to be "the most comprehensive resource for commercial real estate online."

Not so fast!!

According to Jeanne Dubois, Executive Directory of Dorchester Bay, determining the use of the first floor space is still in exploratory mode.

Dorchester Bay is thinking "destination."  What business/set of businesses could use the space to create an attraction for both residents and out-of-towners?

How about another Haley House?  What an incredibly popular eatery in Roxbury with nutritious, delicious food and a strong sense of community!

Maybe just lounging with the local paper or working on your laptop with free WIFI?

What about using some of the space to create a first-floor meeting room to encourage the revitalization of all components of the multi-faceted, multi-ethnic and multi-racial population here in Uphams Corner?

What are Your Ideas?  Let your voice be heard. No idea is too crazy.  Give us a call . . . Send email.

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Andy Waxman
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Nancy Conrad

More about LoopNet's Marketing as a Food Court

594 Columbia Rd is the location of Payless Shoes and has been for many years.  Apparently, they are giving up their lease in early 2013.

As of April 2011, ABG Realty was marketing the property at a lease rate of $2500 per month.  As of August 2012, the price has dropped to $1600 per month.

LoopNet provides the following "marketing" description:

The current Payless Shoe site at the intersection of Columbia & Dudley is being converted to the New Upham' s Corner Food Court. 186 Seats, all glass fronts and great signage! As any of you who know the neighborhood, this is a four star location: across from CVS with public parking behind the property, several bus stops at the corner, very heavy foot and vehicle traffic, amazing visibility, and sorely needed!

We are specically seeking established operators of: coffee shop and local coffee roaster, a deli, and a bakery. The area has none of the above!

Uphams Corner is a section of Dorchester, the largest neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts. The intersection of Dudley Street and Columbia Road is the heart of Uphams Corner, and one of Dorchester's main business districts.

Current Tenants at 549 Columbia Rd (except Payless)  (Click to View financial data about each tenant)

Note about LoopNet Website

As of 8/22/12 LoopNet information on 549 Columbia Rd was available to the general public.  As of 8/23/12, permission has been revoked and now is only available through a Premium subscription.

Posted: August 23, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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