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Igreja Universal to add Security Fence

Posted: December 7, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

The Igreja Universal do Reino de Deus church (Universal Church of the Kingdom of God) is located at 763 Dudley Street in Upham's Corner. 

They own a large tract of land including part of the alley that used to wind from Columbia Rd out to Dudley St, now cut off by a fence. Because the fence was set back to the edge of the building at 765 Dudley Street, it created an "alcove" of privacy where many illicit, illegal and disreputable things take place.

For example, this area is still used as an outhouse but [the story goes] people have been seen under a blanket engaged in the act of ..., this within a short walk from the Business District.

The Upham's Corner Improvement Association has long called for changes to the alley to secure it and prevent the build up of the "overflowed toilet" look.  They have been in conversation with neighborhood associations, with the church, with Inspectional Services and with the abutters. 

UC News has published several articles showing the poor condition of the area and its overall affect on the business district.

Church alley featured in "hotspots" expose, identifying problem areas in the Upham's Corner business district.
Business owner, Linda Webster, sponsored an alley cleaning.  Photos before / after
UC News noticed someone walking to the back of the alley and caught him "in the act."
The overall upkeep of the church's property seems to be on the rise.  Igrecha Universal Alley Schematic

Church vehicles regularly park in the alley and recently the pastor has begun parking his car inside the back building.  It's the one at the very back of the alley at 765 Dudley Street, where the door is covered with grafitti.

Recently, he has been seen with rake in hand cleaning up the back of the alley where, just around the corner and out of public view, the gypsy cabbies and other street people act as if this were an outdoor urinal and toilet. 

"Esta haciendo demasiado bien."  He smiled.  It really did look great compared to its notorious salt (toilet paper) and pepper (human waste) look of the past.

He added:  "We're having a fence put across here.  He pointed to where the building on the left ended and the turn to the private outhouse began.  And  the City will be removing the graffiti in the spring."

For more information about the church, you may contact them at:  (617) 265-9069.  They are one of the many Kingdom of God churches listed at http://iurdenderecos.blogspot.com/

Igreja Universal Alley
Looking to the back of the alley
Igreja Universal Alley
Looking towards Dudley
from the back of the alley

Igreja Universal Alley
"Private" area behind the buildings

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