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"I Love Upham's Corner"

Posted: August 10, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Imagine having dinner at the newest Dominican restaurant in Upham's Corner, El Paraiso, with an Upham's Corner resident who can't praise our community enough.  "I love Upham's Corner!" 

Talk about energizing. . .

While dining, we talked about everything "under the Upham's Corner sun" - our community, events, the business district, getting people involved.  Suddenly, I was taken aback.  What I heard is not what people usually say about Upham's Corner.

What did you say?

I love Upham's Corner


I love Upham's Corner!  I really do.

Why do I love Upham's Corner?  It's really strange.  When I moved here, I wanted to have a home.  I didn't want to just buy a house.  I really wanted to have a home.  I met someone on my street when I was looking at the house for the first time.  I just got this feeling that this was going to be a home for me. 

It absolutely is my home.  I walk up and down the street and I feel safe here.  I feel comfortable here.  Upham's corner is not without flaws.  But this really is my home.

Tell me again your "Mac & Cheese Story"

Last week I got home really late and there was a note in my mailbox.  It said: "I have your Mac and cheese.  Just knock on my door when you get home." 

It was too late for me to knock on her door but but I knew who had left me a note.  We always talk about how delicious my neighbor's Mac and Cheese is.  I thought to myself: "This is why I moved here - because we are neighbors." 

I never had neighbors in Cambridge.  I never had neighbors in Brookline.  I never had neighbors in Brighton.  And now in Upham's Corner, I do.  That's why I love this place.

Why was the business district so important in your choice of a place to live?

Another reason I moved here because Upham's Corner has a business district.  What was important to me is that I knew I wouldn't be in an island. 

Do I shop here?  Of course, I shop here. I absolutely shop here.  I do not shop at every store but I definitely shop at certain stores.  

Aren't you afraid coming home so late at night?

No, I am not afraid coming home late at night.  I feel safe here.  I know that not everyone would necessarily feel the same way about that statement.  I am out every night walking the streets with my dog.  I am here every night.  I've been here for two years. 

No, I do not drive to work.  I take public transportation, and I often get home at 10 or 11 o'clock at night and safety never is an issue for me.  I walk alone in the neighborhood at 11 o'clock at night and have never had a problem.

Are you interested in seeing Upham's Corner improve?

Yes, I am.  I look at the conditions of the streets and the businesses.  I look at who shops here, who lives here and I want to see us become a closer community. 

I'll definitely be part of helping to make sure that happens.  I'm pretty careful about not jumping in before I've had time to really think about alternatives. 

But as a community, we can make a difference.

I Love Upham's Corner I Love Upham's Corner
I Love Upham's Corner
I Love Upham's Corner I Love Upham's Corner
I Love Upham's Corner I Love Upham's Corner
I love Upham's Corner

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