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How Can I Help Save the Upham's Corner Post Office?

Posted: December 21, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

11/8/2011 The Upham's Corner Post Office was included in the list of 3,700 post offices nationwide that are scheduled for closing or "discontinuance."

Documentation in support of the Upham's corner Post Office due in to the Postal Service by January 8, 2012

12/13/2011 Post Service agrees to moratorium until May 15, 2012 but will continue to review post offices for closing

Make a commitment to let your voice be heard.  A moratorium is just a delay.  The Upham's Corner Post Office is still scheduled for closure unless the community can make sufficient "noise" to convince the Postal Service that it should stay open.

According to Michael Foley, Discontinuance Coordinator, the timelines DO NOT change.  Documentation in support of the Upham's Corner Post Office must be in to the Postal Service by January 8, 2012.

How Can I Help Save the Post Office?

Register your support for the Upham's Corner Post Office.
  1. Call Stephen Lynch, House of Representatives @ 617-428-2000
  2. Call Michael Capuano, House of Representatives @ 617-621-6208
  3. Call Senator Scott Brown @ (202) 224-4543 or use the webform
  4. Call Sentaor John Kerry @ (202) 224-2742 or use the webform
  5. Call the Discontinuance Coordinator, Mr. Michael Foley @ 617-654-5686
  6. Volunteer in front of the post office to help get signatures (see below)
  7. Sign the Online Petition created by Main Street
  8. Download the UCMS petition and circulate, then return to the Post Office
Note:  It is VERY EASY to get your comments, letters and petitions (all paperwork) into the Discontinuance office. 
  • Drop off at the UC Post Office - no stamp needed. They will forward.
  • Drop off at UCMS (next to the Strand)
  • After hours, use postage and mail to:
PO Box 16
25 Dorchester Ave
Boston, MA  02205
attn:  Michael Foley

Deadline:  All paperwork MUST be into the Discontinuance Office by January 8, 2012.  Don't wait.  Plan to get your paperwork into our local post office by Dec 31.

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