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Upham's Corner Hotspots Photo Essay - Human Waste Deposits

The "fresh waste" on the front stairs of 600 Columbia Rd was deposited there 9/6/2010.  It is still there drying up along with the tissue paper.  

The waste at the back of the alley next to the church and around the corner to the left is only one of many deposits back there, along with the smell of urine.  This area is private enough that "many" Upham's Corner regulars walk back  and use it as an open-air potty. This includes street people, the gypsy cabbies and some store employees.

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Upham's Corner Hotspots

Front of 600 Columbia Rd.  

Arrow shows where
deposit is located.

Upham's Corner Hotspots

Closeup of what no one seems to care about
 - not landlord and not tenant
Upham's Corner Hotspots

Waste at the back of the alley next to the church and around the corner where there is a semblance of privacy.  

This was one of many piles back there, some old, some fresh.  It is an ongoing problem.  Also smells like a urinal.

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