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Hotspots - Caught in the Act

Posted: Thursday, October 7, 2010
Third in a series on Upham's Corner Hotspots
Nancy J Conrad

If you walk in Upham's Corner long enough, passing close to the alley between Consuelo's and the Universal Church, you may notice people walking into the alley and towards the back.  They walk with confidence as if they are going somewhere, as if there are stores back there or a way out.

Their behavior is so "normal" that it doesn't  raise an eyebrow -  unless, that is, you happen to know that there is nothing back there.  There are no stores, no friends to meet, no coffee shops, and no way out.

Out of curiosity we made the same trek and discovered what was back there - PRIVACY - and lots of excrement and the smell of urine.
We were close to the alley when a male maybe early 30's crossed the street in front of us and headed to the back of the alley.  So we got out the camera, readied it and hurried to the back.

Click ...

The guy turned around.  "What are you doing?"

Click ...

"Taking your picture."

Guy urinating at the back of the alley Guy urinating at the back of the alleyGuy urinating at the back of the alley

This traveler talked rather indignantly, looking a bit nonplussed.  He talked defensively and the last statement he made was this:  "I'm not going to wait to go to the bathroom and wet my pants!"  

He then crossed back over to the other side and stood with the rest of the crowd waiting for the next bus.

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