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Homes and Gardens Beautification Award 2012
21 Annabel Street

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Upham’s Corner is Beautiful!

Perched atop a hill, the ground is reached by climbing a set of stairs making the visual landscaping easy to miss unless it is created to attract the eye colorfully.  The gardener has selected a dense set of plantings whose colors complement the blue and rust color tones of the house.

21 Annabel St Beautification Award

The Homes & Gardens Beautification Award is given to Upham’s Corner area residents and businesses who maintain their property with pride, enhancing its “curb appeal” and contributing to the overall beauty of Upham’s Corner. We consider condition and attractiveness of the property and grounds, and how well the property fosters a spirit of beauty and sustainability in the community.

Sponsored by the Upham’s Corner Improvement Association: UCImprove@gmail.com

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Posted: September 24, 2012 Nancy J Conrad

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