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The History of Upham's Corner

Posted: March 11, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

Dorchester, Volume 2 by Anthony Mitchell Sammarco was published in 2000 and is now out of print though still available from various booksellers. The book, which has been digitized by Google, provides limited access to the text.  Page 75 provides two early life photos showing life in Upham's Corner close to the main intersection of Dudley and Columbia Rd.  Click each photo to enlarge.

Click here to review the book online:  Google search link to page 75.  In the left pane of the Google Search you will see a section entitled "Get this book" which provides a list of booksellers, the availability of the book, and the price.

Note that the first photo (Elm Farm Market) can also be found in the "Origins of Business" photostream of FLICKR.

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