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Happy Thanksgiving to All from Uphams Corner News

Happy Thanksgiving to All
Nov 22, 2012

ThanksgivingSomething changes in the air around the best of the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. 

People seem to want to come out of their private worlds filled with worries, stress, ambition and yearnings - all of it hidden from view. 

The spontaneous greetings, days before the real Thanksgiving, are like the touch of midas, a glow of golden sunlight bursting through an overcast sky, a reminder of the classic turkey freshly removed from the oven after hours of cooking.

"Happy Thanksgiving."  "Happy Thanksgiving to you, too."

Life Continues as Usual

Richard waves.  He's heading to the bus stop to go to a day program. 

Philip, dressed up, not looking his usual scruffy self, not causing a rush of empathetic worry, is going somewhere.  Where are you heading?  Why do you look so well dressed today?  Philip now has a job at McDonald's in Framingham (he says).  He gets a ride there and looks forward to rising in their management.  I am so proud of you, I tell him.

William who never stops talking is worried about his friend, Jeannette, who, he says, is a serious heroine addict.  You know she's sick, right? HIV? Talk to her, he says, see if you can make a difference.

May the Feast be with You

We sit down to a table of plenty and hold fast to a tradition that never ends, where time is barely moving, where years pass like days and time stands quite still. (Seems like only yesterday.)   Who, indeed, would pass up an entire smorgasbord of multi-colored food, festive salads and dressings, mega-calorie desserts and bubbling cider layed out like artwork?

For others, the quiet of a day when the phone never rings and the emails have stopped is a sacred form of respite.  We embrace our traditions beause they symbolize relationships, meaning, acknowledgement - a chance to sit back, take a deep breath and appreciate life.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends in the Greater Uphams Corner area and to all the residents of China, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the Ukraine, the Russian Federation and everyone in the world who also read Uphams Corner News. 

Let us continue to lift ourselves beyond the ordinary.  Let us extend ourselves to those around us in need, moving always towards a sense of the greater good.

Nancy Conrad
Editor, Uphams Corner News

Posted: November 22, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

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