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Happy New Year 2013 from the Improvement Association

Greetings to All for a Happy New Year

Uphams Corner Improvement AssociationHappy New Year to all our friends and neighbors and to all the residents of Uphams Corner.  We hope you are well settled to meet the new challenges and expectations of 2013.

The Uphams Corner Improvement Association (UCIA) is an independent, grass roots, neighborly organization in Uphams Corner.  We are enthusiastic about our community and its future.  We are proud to bring, and to implement, ideas of beauty and cleanliness to enhance the places we call "home."

We care about the quality of life here.  Improving the lives of all Uphams Corner residents through adult education, skills training and the arts is one of our highest priorities. Educational opportunities for all becomes a gift that continues giving at every stage of life.

Thought and Action

Members of the Improvement Association take an active role in the community from cleaning the sidewalks, getting rid of stubborn weeds in the business district, encouraging business owners to do their part in keeping our "face" to the world as clean and beautiful as possible and attending civic organization meetings. 

Good deeds do not go unnoticed.  UCIA has presented beautification awards and kind words of praise to many businesses and to the residents as well. 

Of course we still have a long way to go.  Pick up trash today?  And there's more tomorrow, but every "litter bit" counts.

Our work and our efforts are already blossoming and bearing fruit.  We invite you to join us, to say hello, to engage in thoughtful and caring conversation.  Have a wonderful year:  2013.

Remember: From the tiniest seed will some day grow a tree so tall.

The Uphams Corner Improvement Association  



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Posted: January 22, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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