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Hancock - Letter in Support of the Upham's Corner Post Office

Posted: January 15, 2011     Nancy J Conrad

On December 15, 2011 at their December monthly meeting, the Hancock Civic Association decided to submit written opposition to the USPS proposed decision to close the Uphams Corner Station Post Office.

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The last day for submitting a response to the Postal Service for the Upham's Corner branch was January 8, 2012.  Congress has delayed the date by which formal announcements will be made to May 15, 2012.  However the Postal Service will be continuing its study and will make a decision, announcing it only after May 15.

The Postal Service sent back a "form" letter which did the following:
  • Acknowledged that it had received the letter (proof)
  • "I understand your concerns"
  • A list of four dramatic changes affecting the viabilit of the Postal Service
  • Meanwhile the Postal Service
    • Has not trimmed anything
    • Needs to trim
  • Describes the process (taking place)
  • They confirm that the Upham's Corner branch is being considered for closing
  • They will make a careful and considered decision
See letter below. 

Note:  Letter scanned from PDF copy provided by the Hancock Civic Association.

January 13, 2012
Robert Mickiewicz, President
Hancock Street Civic Association
7 Whittemore Terrace
Dorchester MA 02125
Dear Mr. Mickiewicz:
This responds to your letter dated December 20, 2011 to the District Discontinuance Coordinator
regarding the Uphams Corner post office retail study.

Thank you for sharing your concerns. I understand your interest in ensuring that your community
continues to have convenient access to essential postal services. Over the past five years our
customers' needs have changed dramatically - mail volume has declined by 43.1 billion pieces,
customer visits have decreased by 200 million, and retail transactions have diminished by $2
billion. In addition, more than 35 percent of the U.S. Postal Service's retail sales are now
conducted in expanded access locations outside of traditional Post Offices. In spite of this, the
Postal Service has an extensive retail network of nearly 32,000 Post Offices, stations and
branches that has been virtually untouched. Accordingly, the Postal Service is closely examining
its retail network to identify opportunities where postal-operated facilities can be consolidated or
replaced with alternate access channels.

During this process, postal managers will consider the effect on the community and postal
employees, the ability to provide a maximum degree of effective and regular postal services to
the affected community, and potential economic savings. Customers of an office considered for
closing are provided opportunities, through questionnaires and public meetings, to share their
concerns and views both on the proposed action and on mail service alternatives.

Greater Boston District postal officials confirm that the Uphams Corner station is being studied for
possible discontinuance. The studies are ongoing, and no final decision has been made. Please
be assured that any decision concerning the future status of these facilities will carefully balance
our universal service responsibility and or statutory duty to operate in an efficient manner.

If I can be of assistance with other postal issues, please let me know:- -


Joanne Killackey-Hogan Manager,
Consumer Industry Contact

BOSTON MA 02205-3710

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