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Grove Hall Branch - Boston Public Library - Celebrates Five Years

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, the Grove Hall Branch Library invited community organizations and, of course, library members - adults and kids - to enjoy in the festivities.  Who couldn't resist the JP Licks ice cream or pizza or cookies?  "Has it really been that long?"  Time flies and onto the next ten or more years of serving the Grove Hall community and encouraging everyone, especially youth, to read, read, read.

Library staff set up at the front near the entry door as they usually do when an ice cream social is the featured attraction.  Many flavors - yum, yum -  of JP Licks ice cream scooped from the commercial-sized containers typically in the ice cream parlor freezer display - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, oreo cookie and chocolate chip.  The 15 boxes of pizza went fast followed by boxes of cookies.  Meanwhile the line to get ice cream was extra long and no one was complaining. 

Over 35 great photos of the event on the Uphams Corner News Facebook Page.  A few select one follow. 
Be sure to check out our Facebook Album especially if you attended the event.   Add your comments and name to the photos.  Have Fun!!

Dignitaries & Businesses Enjoying the Fun

Councillor Jackson
Tito Jackson helped scoop out the ice cream as he does at almost all of the library ice cream social events.
Family Nurturing Center
Lydia Brown is a Parent Child Home Program Coordinator for the Family Nurturing Center.  Boston PCHP is a home-based literacy program that promotes a "learning through play" experience for parents and their preschool children.  http://www.familynurturing.org
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
This is the first time Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary attended a library event.  Present were Mark Thomas, Library Director and Maria Lucrecia Rodriguez-Lynch from Admissions welcoming everyone and answering questions about their Boston campus.  Located at 90 Warren Street, the Boston campus is across from the Dudley Branch Library.  http://www.gordonconwell.edu/boston

The main campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, GCTS-Boston was started in 1976 as the Center for Urban Ministerial Education (CUME) and their program offerings have expanded significantly since then.  Their main campus is in Hamilton.
Iola Key and Ceecee were from Safelink which is a free government cell phone provider.  Katrina, librarian, invited them.  "The atmosphere is very pleasant and everyone has been polite and courteous."  http://www.safelinkwireless.com

Brandi Maxam
Brandi Maxam of the The Brandi Maxam & Logan Wright Duo provided a background of pleasant jazz song  - just the right atmosphere with her lilting voice and Logan strumming the guitar in accompaniment.  This Duo gets around.  Recently, they entertained folks in Uphams Corner.  Click Here to see them at the Uphams Corner Library
Boston Police Dept
Officer Jay Soares from District B2 Police said he could hardly believe it had been five years already.  He remembers when the building was first going up seven years ago.  Since then, there had been a few problems in the neighborhood which they took care of and everything has been going very well.
Greater Grove Hall Main Streets
Roberta Young, Treasurer, at Greater Grove Hall Main Streets.  She was attending because GGHMS is in partnership with the Boston Public Schools.  Also for some of their bigger events, they use library space.  For example, the library helps with the Annual Holiday Celebration.
Neighborhood Health Plan
Jimmy Tuyen is the Outreach Coordinator for the Neighborhood Health Plan.  He goes to a lot of these events and talks with people who have questions about their health plan - how the policy works and what the benefits are.  He also answers questions about the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Posted: April 7, 2014     Nancy J Conrad

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