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Global Opportunities, Innovation and Technology Committee Created

Boston City Council Creates Committee on Global Opportunities and Innovation and Technology
City Councillor Tito Jackson named Chair
Jan 21, 2013

City of Boston InsigniaOn Wednesday, January 16, 2013, Boston City Council approved the creation of the Committee on Global Opportunities and Innovation and Technology.  

Council President Stephen J. Murphy named District 7 City Councillor Tito Jackson the Chair of the new committee.

Councillor Jackson had proposed the Committee in recognition of Boston's need to formally identify itself not only locally but also globally.  He sees proactively envisioning a growing and evolving image for the city as one of the Committee's most important roles.

According to Mr. Jackson, the Committee on Global Opportunities and Innovation and Technology will be a vehicle for:
  • Harnessing the City’s existing resources
  • Creating new City resources and capabilities 
Job growth is necessarily an important by-product of the committee effort and as a result, "This body will enhance the quality of life for Bostonians of all ages through job growth in the innovation and technology sectors and by promoting Boston beyond our borders."

Promoting Technological Literacy

Sounding like a springboard for modern education, the Committee on Global Opportunities and Innovation and Technology will serve as a catalyst to foster technological literacy. 

The Committee will also work to enhance the operation of two existing organizations:
  • The Department of Innovation and Technology (aka DoIT)
  • Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

Boston to become a Global Center for Technology and Innovation

Because of local public, private and non-profit institutional investments, both Boston, and its neighbor Cambridge, have transformed into centers for technology and innovation. 

Working with these existing entities only makes sense.  The new Committee will work to build partnerships between the City of Boston and these organizations, generating further technological advancement and next-generation employment opportunities for the City. 

Finally, this committee will develop Boston’s standing internationally as a leader in technology, innovation and culture by strengthening relationships with foreign governments and overseas entities.  And it will aim to help Boston achieve stronger ties with world players in recognition of our increasingly globalized economy.

About the Department of Innovation & Technology

Depart of Innovation & Technology With the clever and catchy nickname of "DoIT," the Department of Innovation and Technology is the City of Boston’s enterprise technology organization that provides solutions to empower business partners across City departments and deliver services more efficiently and effectively. DoIT is focused on connecting the City, engaging and empowering citizens, improving business processes, working collaboratively and continuously innovating. It was formerly the MIS (Management of Information Services) Department.

DoIT Mission Statement

The Department of Innovation and Technology is the City of Boston’s enterprise wide technology services organization which provides solutions that empower our business partners across all City departments.  DoIT’s primary day-to-day responsibility is to ensure that the networks, desktop computers, e-mail systems, and applications that support the business of City government are continuously available and operating effectively. DoIT embraces its responsibility to help manage costs through difficult financial times by continuously improving the cost structure of the City’s technology without compromising service. Our commitment to being environmentally responsible is often synergistic with these economic and service responsibilities.

DoIT FY12 Performance Strategies
  • To deliver services adhering to performance standards.
  • To expand eGovernment services.
  • To increase workforce access, knowledge and skills in the utilization of technology.
  • To provide for the public good by advancing development and access to new technologies and information.

Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics

Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics “Our job in city government is to be urban mechanics – to fix the basics that make our neighborhoods work. But the truth is, today, our residents, our partners, ourselves —we are all urban mechanics.” -Mayor Thomas M. Menino

The Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics (MONUM) pilots experiments that offer the potential to improve radically the quality of City services.  MONUM focuses on three major issue areas: Participatory Urbanism, Clicks & Bricks, and Education.  To design, conduct and evaluate pilot projects in these areas, MONUM builds partnerships between constituents, academics, entrepreneurs, non-profits and City staff.

New Urban Mechanics Website:  http://www.newurbanmechanics.org/

Participatory Urbanism

New technology – from smart phones to GPS – and a resurgent spirit of civic engagement have created increased opportunities for closer connection and communication between City government and its citizens.  Partnering frequently with the Mayor’s Constituent Service Office, MONUM is piloting projects that leverage this new technology and civic spirit to deliver services that are more personal and citizen-driven.

Clicks & Bricks

From green building standards to smart sensor networks, there is a revolution going on in how cities are designed & built.  This new focus on technology infrastructure and sustainable design links how a City is built with how it is managed and experienced.  Much of this work pairs the interests and talents of both designers and technologists outside of City Hall with leaders and staff from the City’s Public Works and Transportation departments.


The City’s education strategy is to surround youth from dawn to dusk and from birth through college with high quality and integrated educational opportunities.  In collaboration with the City’s schools, community centers and libraries, MONUM is exploring the use of new tools & technology to facilitate communication between educators, students and parents and to deploy new programs that  could improve offerings both inside and outside schools.

 About Councillor Jackson
Councillor Tito Jackson Mr. Tito Jackson was elected to represent District 7 on Boston City Council on March 15, 2011 when he won 82% of the vote in a Special Election.  District 7 includes all of Roxbury and sections of Dorchester, the Fenway, Jamaica Plain and the South End. 

Councillor Jackson is a life-long resident Grove Hall area of Roxbury.  Mr. Jackson is focused on job growth in District 7, the revitalization of the neighborhoods’ economies and ensuring a world-class and practical education for Boston Public School students.  


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Posted: January 18, 2013     Nancy J Conrad

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