'Gifts of Gratitude - Spiritual Reflections' by Nancy Conrad

Recently published and available on Amazon, 'Gifts of Gratitude' by Nancy Conrad is a collection of 24 reflections on our relationship with God.  Nancy weaves her photographic art, poetry and stories into spiritual reflections that add meaning and support to life and provide opportunity for personal response and contemplation.  Gifts of Gratitude is organized into five sections:  Give thanks, Unto Others, God is Love, Be Still My Soul and God with Us.

Gifts of Gratitude by Nancy ConradGifts of Gratitude is a multi-faceted artistic publication by Nancy Conrad.  Consisting of 24 spiritual reflections, the book invites the reader on a journey of spiritual discovery. The theme reflects Nancy's life-long journey of contemplating her relationship with God as well as her love of poetry and photography.

Like fruit plucked from God's Tree of Life, the stories are sweet, satisfying and nutritious.   "Read each story," she says, "as if God were opening your heart to hear a message. Then listen."

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Nancy speaks about "Gifts of Gratitude"

blankThe beginnings of new life,
blanka new way of looking at the world
blanka new understanding of myself -
blankAll of these came from tiny happenings in my everyday, ordinary life.

blankAn observation
blanka thought as someone passed by,
blanka comment, an appreciation or a concern.
blank All of these became seeds that grew a word-tree bearing the fruit of a much bigger narrative.

Gifts of Gratitude
was formed out of a whirlwind of creativity, spiritual growth and love.  Adding my own photographic art and selecting biblical verses for each reflection led to a more complete and spiritually satisfying whole.  I sensed the artistic hand of God, the Creator, throughout.  I am humbled and deeply grateful.

Words, images and biblical passages combine to provide a soulful and telling experience, one that has the potential to plant the seed of a changed heart. Each reflection speaks to the reader personally and uniquely because of who they (we) are today on our spiritual journey. For each of us, God's revelations continue to astound.

In every moment of our existence, God is with us and we can feel God's presence if we take time to move past the hustle and bustle of distracted living.  In whatever manner I am responding to the presence of God, what I am seeing or experiencing is the Imago Dei, the Image of God that I am meant to see at that very moment, but ... only if I am open to the seeing.

Gifts of Gratitude
is the Imago Dei in the form of spiritual reflections, photography poetry and praise.

May we walk in love, and may God walk with us - always.

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Posted: May 08, 2014    Nancy J Conrad