George Washington - Battle of Yorktown: Lecture Shirley-Eustis House 5/22/14

Thursday, May 22, 2014, William M. Fowler, author, historian, will give a lecture at the Shirley-Eustis House in which he looks at the two years following the Battle of Yorktown. In an historical tour de force chronicling the two years after the Yorktown victory, Mr. Fowler our beliefs about the past.  While most people believe that Yorktown resolved the question of colonial freedom, Mr. Fowler credits George Washington's leadership.

Author and historian, William M. Fowler
What Lecture: "American Crisis
the Two Years after Yorktown"
Where Shirley-Eustis House,
33 Shirley St, Roxbury, MA
When May 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm.
Cost $10.00 per person
 The Shirley-Eustis House, 33 Shirley Street, Boston, Massachusetts, a National Historic Landmark house museum and carriage house in Roxbury, Massachusetts announces a lecture on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 6:30 pm.
In Mr. Fowler’s presentation, “American Crisis,” he explains that most people believe that the victory at Yorktown resolved the question of whether the colonies would become a free and independent nation.

In a captivating historical tour de force, Author and Historian William M. Fowler chronicles the two years after Yorktown.  If any individual was essential to the nation’s survival during the crisis years, it was George Washington. Executive Director Patti Violette says,

“Mr. Fowler is a delight and we are so happy to have him at the Shirley-Eustis House.”  William Fowler is the author of a number of books dealing with American history including:
  • Under Two Flags: The Navy in the Civil War;
  • Silas Talbot Captain of the Old Ironsides;
  • co author America and The Sea;
  • William Ellery: A Rhode Island Politico and Lord of Admiralty;
  • Rebels Under Sail: The Navy in the Revolution;
  • Jack Tars and Commodores: The American Navy, 1783-1815;
  • Samuel Adams: Radical Puritan;
  • Empires at War: The French and Indian War and The Struggle for North America, 1754-1763.
Honoring longtime board member Grace Thaler

This lecture series is honoring longtime board member Grace Thaler who passed away in October of last year.

Fund-Raising for New Exhibit

The Shirley-Eustis House is raising funds to help furnish a new exhibit – the Lafayette Bed Chamber and any extra donations will be appreciated.

Shirley-Eustis House
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The Shirley-Eustis House, 33 Shirley Street, Roxbury, MA, built in 1747 for Royal Governor William Shirley, was once a sprawling estate of 33 acres. It continues to sit majestically in Roxbury surrounded by beautiful gardens and historic fruit orchards and remains the most imposing and best preserved of the four remaining colonial governors' homes in the United States. 

We offer lectures, tours of the facilities including house and garden and historical information. 

Patricia Violette, M.S. Ed.
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The Shirley-Eustis House Association
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