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Fernald Terrace Rock

First in a Series -  Upham's Corner Boundaries Revisited
Posted: Monday, September 27, 2010
Nancy Conrad

Fernald Terrace Rock was a surprise.

We previously defined five neighborhoods or quadrants that seemed to "make sense" for Upham's Corner and that (we thought) were geographically well connected. 

Now, after completing our walking tour of all the Upham’s Corner streets, we realize that Quadrant 4, the area south of Hancock Street, is made up of two groups of streets that are NOT well interconnected.
Fernald Terrace Rock Maps
Upham's Corner Map of Quadrants
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  1. What is the second most important topographical feature of Upham's Corner?

  2. Why do almost all of the streets south of Hancock Street dead end or make a 90 degree turn?

  3. Why can't you use Howe Street or Rill Street to go directly from Hancock to Quincy Street?

  4. Why does Fernald Terrace end in a  cul-de-sac?

  5. Why do Hendry and Ronan streets and Downer Ct dead end?
All of these questions have the same answer. 

The southernmost section of Upham's Corner is defined by a rise in elevation -- a hill known as Fernald Terrace Rock. 

It is a hill of modest elevation and densely covered by trees.
Fernald Terrace Rock Maps
Fernald Terrace Rock and surrounding streets
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The "power" of the rock is to "make us stop or go around."   The street sections that are prevented from "pass-through" by the rock are shown in blue.
  • Ronan Street terminates on the west side of the hill.
  • Hendry Street and Downer Court terminate on the east side of the hill.
  • Rill, Howe and Cameron streets terminate on the north side of the hill.
  • Fernald Terrace terminates on top of the hill 

Streets Bounded by Fernald Terrace Rock

Quincy Side Hancock Side
Ronan Street Rill Street
Fernald Terrace Ware Street
Hendry Street Howe Street
Downer Court Howe Terrace

All of these streets are defined by the topography of Fernald Terrace Rock.

However, the streets on the northeastern side of the hill have more direct access to Upham's Corner while the streets on the south and west sides of the hill are more isolated from Upham's Corner.  

Fernald Terrace Rock Maps
Fernald Terrace Rock Section of Upham's Corner
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In fact we have been told that many of the residents on the south side of the hill DO NOT think of themselves as living in Upham's Corner.  

They align more readily with Meetinghouse Hill or Bowdoin-Geneva.

Fernald Terrace Rock Section
The Fernald Terrace Rock section of Upham's Corner:

Bellevue Street, Stanley Street, Ronan Street, Fernald Terrace, Hendry Street, Clarkson Street, Trent Street and Downer Court.

** Please note:  This is an Upham's Corner News definition only.  But it is important for us in understanding how our residents live, move around, shop and how they think of themselves.

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