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Fairmount Kickoff Marked by $Warmth$ and $Exhuberance$

Posted: February 21, 2012     Nancy J Conrad

Marie St. Fleur and Mayor MeninoThe Fairmount kickoff was marked by $Warmth$ and $Exhuberance$ and was perfect in every way.
  • Weather was nice
  • The setting was purrfect (beautiful Strand)
  • The setup was impeccable (Alma, Melodi & Chris, thank you!)
  • Enough pizza and veggies to feed a horse
  • EXCELLENT speakers
But that's not why people were excited. It was all about $Money$.

Funding from HUD, the MBTA, the City and foundations like The Boston Foundation generated the real excitement. Transportation planning, community development, transportation access for 90,000 residents within 1/2 mile or the corridor is now a growing reality. 

Barbara Fields, director at HUD said so.  "What I say about Boston is that we know how to get it done.  So bring it on.  Bring the money here. "  How could you not be excited with money flowing like rivers of plenty!

Barbara is right.  Boston has worked very hard to set up the Fairmount Corridor as a worthwhile, if not national model, on how to build sustainable communities.

We will reap the rewards for 14 years of hard work and we will spread the message to other communities on the planet. 

Four New Comuter Rail Stations The MBTA is currently investing $130 million to construct four new commuter rail stations on the Fairmount Indigo Commuter Rail line at Newmarket, Four Corners, Talbot Avenue, and Blue Hill Avenue/Cummins Highway, three of which are already under construction.  The new stations will decrease commuting times to downtown Boston by half.
Fairmount Indigo Receiving $380,000
  • $100,000 grant from the Boston Foundation
  • $30,000 from the Garfield Foundation
  • $250,000 from the BRA
HUD Awards Grants to DND These monies will support the corridor through investments in affordable housing, social and community oriented programs, and mixed-use and transit oriented development.
  • $20 million Choice Neighborhood grant
  • $1.8 million Community Challenge grant.
DND Investment in the Corridor
Over the last 10 years DND has invested more than $138M in the corridor by helping over 100 small businesses with new store fronts and signage, providing financial assistance to over 1,000 First Time Homebuyers, assisting over 1,600 homeowners with home repairs, developing over 2,800 affordable housing units, and developing nearly 7,000 market and affordable housing units through Lead the Way.

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