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Excitement of Photography

Can I take your picture?  Puedo tomar su foto?

Walking through Upham’s Corner with a camera adds a more exacting visual lens to the experience.  Faces of Upham's CornerWe can no longer walk past people without seeing them for their photogenicity. 

The excitement makes you feel like a little kid: Can I take your picture? 

To this risky question people react in many ways and so does the photographer. 
  • What if they say "no"?  Do we come away feeling hurt and upset?
  • What if they say "yes"?  Do we freeze up  for fear of not taking a good picture?
Energy and enthusiasm comes from that one person, the very first one, that agrees.  "Really?" we think, "You're really going to let me take your picture?"  What an incredible gift!
Faces of Upham's CornerInstrument of Magic

A camera is an instrument of “magic” tying you and your subject together with a momentary umbilical cord.  You don't know each other yet the level of cooperation and enjoyment in the process is unprecedented.  

And when we are all done, we share a special moment together.  "Take a look at this."  "That's really beautiful."  "Wow! This is an amazing photograph."  "You are so photogenic."  You’re best friends and you stay that way.  How many times people come up and say proudly: "I remember you.  You took my picture."
This is my LifeA photo is the tip of a very deep iceberg.  It's the opening to the story: "This is my life."  For the photo collage, permission to photograph is the necessary opening that asks: "May I share in your life?"  Not knowing their name was important.  No labels, no words, no accents, no hints about who these people are.  They are works of art in a photo collage.   Faces of Upham's Corner They are more than works of art in a photo collage.  They are real people with real lives and real stories.  Stare at the photographs long enough and the faces will come alive.  Stare at the faces long enough and you will begin asking questions.
These are the people who venture out into the street. We found them working in their gardens, resting on the porch, walking, laughing, walking their dogs, waiting for the bus, opening business for the day and playing games.

These are the people of Upham's Corner -- A Photo Collage.

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