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Erica Lindamood Leaving Boston Preservation

Posted: December 15, 2011     Nancy Conrad

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I will be leaving my job at the Boston Preservation Alliance on the 22nd of this month, and I wanted to thank each of you with whom I have worked and conversed over the past 3-plus years for contributing to a wonderful experience of learning and the broadening of horizons. Boston Preservation Alliance

This learning has been my own - I entered the job of Education Coordinator as an educator with an interest in architectural and neighborhood history, and have experienced a few sharp learning curves along the way of designing and implementing Boston neighborhood workshops in historic preservation! It has been a fun and enriching ride. I have felt honored to be invited into your neighborhoods as a welcome guest and participant. I have learned a huge amount about the diverse and rich histories of Boston's neighborhoods, quite a few things about architecture and historic preservation, and some lessons about effective community outreach that I expect will serve me in any field of community work.

My role at the Alliance has also contributed to the organization's learning - about effective strategies for expanding its reach and broadening its impact throughout all of Boston. Over the next year or so, the Alliance will  engage in a strategic planning process that includes the question of how best to embody this learning in its organizational structure, staffing, and fundraising efforts going forward.

I hope that the work I've done here - in partnership with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which provided the challenge grant that supported my position, and Historic Boston Incorporated, the Alliance's partner in that grant program - has contributed to some learning for you. If nothing else, I hope that we have sparked your curiosity to learn more - about your neighborhood, the  building next door, or strategies for taking care of the places you care about.

I say "Good-bye for now" because I expect that our paths will likely cross again. That's the way my life seems to work - and it's a blessing. In the meantime, please don't lose touch with the Alliance.

Historic Preservation
If you have a question or an idea relating to historic preservation contact Judy Neiswander at jneiswander@bostonpreservation.org or 617-367-2458.
Membership & Events
If you have questions or ideas relating to membership or events contact Christine Piontek at cpiontek@bostonpreservation.org or 617-367-2458

Please look for the Neighborhood Preservation Priorities Reports for East Boston, Upham's Corner, and Allston - to be posted soon on the Alliance's website here:


Best wishes for a healthy and joyous holiday season and a peaceful New Year

Erica B. Lindamood

Education Coordinator
Boston Preservation Alliance
In Partnership with Historic Boston Incorporated
and the National Trust for Historic Preservation Partners in the Field Program


Old City Hall
45 School Street
Boston, MA  02108
ph: (617) 367-2458
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